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Fake TV FTV-11 Burglar Deterrent
Monday, September 12, 2016  
In 2012 I was pretty impressed with the original Fake TV (model FTV-10). The concept of FakeTV is to generate flashing colored light to simulate what a television would generate. The idea being, from outside your home, a would-be burglar will see this light, assume that someone is home watching TV, and move on to an easier target. The original FakeTV simulated the light output of a 27" television. That might be good for a bedroom application, but what about a large living space?

I recently was informed that FakeTV has recently introduced a new model FTV-11 that is much brighter than the original and simulates the output of a 40" flat screen TV. This is a perfect solution for large living spaces where windows may be 15 feet or more from the source of the light. After running some tests on both units and looking from outside my home, the new FTV-11 is noticeably brighter. 

Like the FTV-10, the FTV-11 unit itself is a small plastic box, about the size of your fist. The FTV-11 a a slighly more angular and modern look showing the 12 LEDs that are used to generate the light. When Fake TV is turned on, these lights begin to flash in a unique pattern that mimics the light coming from a TV screen. Now someone is going to ask, "Why not just leave your TV turned on?" The main reason would be cost. Televisions, especially large, flat screen TVs consumer a lot of energy. The Fake TV uses LEDs which consume very little energy, about the same power required to run a night light.

FakeTVOn the back of the Fake TV is a switch that offers three "on" options. You can turn the unit on so that it runs continuously, or it can turn itself on at dusk using a built-in light sensor and run for either 4 or 7 hours.

We previously tested the Fake TV (FTV-10) during a trip when we were gone for 7 days. I plugged the unit in and aimed it so that the light it produced would be visible from outside the home. I set the Fake TV to "Always On". When we returned from our trip, the Fake TV was still flashing away. was still flashing away. We did not experience a break-in while we were away, so I must conclude that Fake TV worked! Okay, perhaps that is a stretch, but who knows? This is one of those products that we never leave home without turning on. Now with the new FTV-11, we plan to move the FTV-10 to our bedroom and turn both on while we are away!

For anyone who travels, Fake TV is a good idea for the minimal investment of $29 (FTV-10) or $39 (FTV-11). And, they now include free shipping. Order 2 or more and you can save $2 on each! Even though there is no UL Listing for the Fake TV unit itself, the separate power supply is UL Listed.

I would still like to see a model that has an integrated power supply/plug that does not require the separate power supply/plug. It would be nice to just have a Fake TV plugged into the wall at all times. Maybe even integrate a night light feature that could be used while you are at home.


  • Small footprint
  • Simple to use, low-tech
  • Inexpensive
  • Low power consumption
  • Even brighter than the previous model


  • Separate power supply with cord


For a small investment, Fake TV may offer an additional level of security for those who travel. Anything to deter a burglar is a good thing in my book.  I am pretty sure we will continue to use Fake TV from now on when we travel.

You can get more information about Fake TV at

Chris Dikmen is President of

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