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BottleWise RollUp
Wednesday, December 14, 2011  

Bringing wine, spirits or other liquids home from your vacation is not as easy as it once was. Remember the good 'ole days when you could buy 6 bottles of liquor in St. Thomas and bring it home as carry-on luggage? Those days are gone! If you want to bring a bottle home from your vacation now, you have to pack it in your checked luggage. So then, the problem becomes, how to prevent it from leaking all over your clothing and other packed items?

Enter BottleWise™ bottle protection systems. We tested the BottleWise™ Duo last year and have been using it ever since. We never travel without it! We love the sturdy construction, padded carrying case and heavy, leakproof vinyl liner. If there was any complaint, albeit a minor one, it would be that it was too bulky for our needs. Problem solved. BottleWise has just introduced the BottleWise Rollup, sort of a "little brother" to the BottleWise Duo.

BottleWise RollupUnlike the Duo, the Rollup is designed to hold a single bottle. The Rollup does not have as much padding as the Duo, but has a much smaller footprint making it very easy to pack. When not in use, it can be laid flat for easy packing. Whereas the Duo is really designed as a "carry-on" transport system complete with shoulder strap, the Rollup is designed to be packed in checked luggage. As such, we believe it suits the needs of most air travelers better than the Duo. What the Rollup does share with the Duo is the same heavy, leakrpoof vinyl liner with zip closure.

In addition to being easier to pack, lighter and more compact, the Rollup is less than 1/3 of the price of the Duo! You can buy 3 BottleWise Rollups for less than one Duo system. Bonus!

How It Works

The BottleWise Rollup is intuitive. You don't need an instruction manual for this one. Simply insert your bottle into the clear vinyl, leakproof liner, seal close zip-style seal, roll up the cover and secure with the Velcro fasteners. Place the Rollup in your checked luggage making sure it is packed between other soft clothing items to further protect it and voila!

The "Lab" Test

BottleWise RollupWhen we received the BottleWise Duo last year I was anxious to perform "scientific" testing to see if the system would actually prevent a leak in a suitcase. After all, can you imagine what a broken or leaky bottle of red wine cold do to my Wal-Mart Wrangler blue jean collection? I rushed it to the Travel Tech Testing Lab (a.k.a. "my kitchen") where I placed a 1-liter bottle of Absolute Vodka (3/4 full) into the plastic liner and filled the liner with 750ml of water. I then sealed the liner, zipped up the bag and placed it in my kitchen sink, er, uh, I mean the Liquid Management Containment Area of the lab. Every 15 minutes I turned the Bot'lPak so that it was resting on a different side. I also jostled the Bot'lPak quite violently to simulate air turbulence on a plane. After one hour of abusive testing, I checked the Bot'lPak and to my pleasant surprise, I found NO leaks! Since the Rollup uses the identical leakproof vinyl liner, I have to reason to believe the results would be any less impressive.

Bottle Sizes

BottleWise RollupAlthough the BottleWise website claims the Rollup can hold a 1-Litre bottle, I found that there are a few exceptions to the rule. Each of the 1-liter bottles shown in the photo to the right was able to fit within the plastic liner with exception of the Grey Goose bottle, which was simply too tall, and the Crown Royal, which was too fat to be rolled up. However, the Crown Royal does fit nicely in the BottleWise Duo Bottle Pak.

Other Uses

Even though the company promotes this as a "Wine" tote, it can obviously be used by travelers to transport a variety of liquids. I can already see me using it to bring home specialty olive oils from Greece and Balsamic vinegar from Italy, and of course, those great bargains from the Caribbean. While the Rollup is our liquid transportation system of choice for our cruise travel, we prefer the additional protection and padding of the BottleWise Duo for our motorcycle trips when we keep bottles in our saddlebag or trailer.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:51 PM  
Angela, you need to go to the Bottlewise website (we cannot post URLS here) for information on ordering.
Friday, September 28, 2012 5:23 PM  
Where can I buy bottlewise rollup? I live in London and the only stockist I can find does not sell the rollup. Thank you Angela Olsen
Friday, September 28, 2012 11:06 AM  
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