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CruiseReportHalf Moon Cay2A review of Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
This stop was disappointing
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas  
  Last visited: 07-2018  
We were on a Carnival Eastern Caribbean cruise and this was our second port of call. We arrived in port and learned that this was a "tender" port - the ship anchors offshore and uses shuttle boats to take passengers to shore.

The waters were a bit rough on the day of our visit and the tenders were on high alert as they felt the waves easily. We finally boarded a tender and left for the short trip to the port.

This port is evidently controlled by Carnival, and as such, most everything is related to Carnival. The tender came into port and entered a short canal to the offloading point. The tender left its passengers to funnel-through a small walled opening into the port. There is very minimal to do here! The shops are very limited to only a few small huts selling native carvings, t-shirts, and the like. There are minimal places to eat, other than the "island barbecue" - a free cook-out for the visitors (food was not bad...).

There is a lot of evidence of hurricane damage and some of the apparently larger shops and buildings were still boarded closed and unavailable.

This stop involves a LOT of walking and if you have any sort of physical disability, the going is tedious.



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