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CruiseReportJacksonville5A review of Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville is great!
Jacksonville, Florida  
  Last visited: 02-2018  
I did an exploratory drive through Florida over the course of a couple weeks, and this was one of the stops. I met up with some family, went to the Zoo, and visited some great Cuban restaurants! I was extremely surprised by the lack of parking in the cities, so Instapark was our friend. We checked out the service by recommendation of someone else on here, and it worked out great. It made venturing into the city less of a to-do and more of a glad-we-did, which is fun because my family isn't very adventurous sometimes.

We took a day boat trip out of Jacksonville Port as a sightseeing trip, and ended up making great friends with the captain and his assistant! He happened to go to school with my nephew, and ended up being a fantastic way to end my short stay in Jacksonville.



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