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CruiseReportMiami5A review of Miami, Florida
Man, Miami is fantastic
Miami, Florida  
  Last visited: 03-2018  
The weather, the people, the beaches, the culture, it's all very unique. I found the restaurants to be my favorite part, with the blend of American food, Cuban food, and some Mexican spots that really stuck out to me. I took a deep sea fishing trip out with a guy I met on the beach and had a blast!

I'm a bit of a splurger, so I rented a car while I was here vacationing, and explored all over the place. Miami, Tampa, Orlando, I was here for almost two weeks. Miami is just the place to be. Where there isn't great parking, there are Instapark lots and spots to rent, and overall very manageable despite being a pretty crowded area. I'll be back for sure with a bunch of buddies!



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