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CruiseReportBintulu, Sarawak3A review of Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Not our favorite
Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia  
Chris Dikmen
  Last visited: 01-2016  
We visited Bintulu as part of a 14 day cruise of Southeast Asia. We opted for the 'Highlights of Bintulu' excursion from the cruise line. I suppose for $59 it was worth it to see the place, but there is nothing here that will knock your socks off. We visited a butterfly farm that did not have any butterflies...waste of time. We visited a Chinese temple, that was pretty cool to look at. And, the visit to the local market was interesting if you like to see the gross things that people in this part of the world will eat. The city itself is pretty dirty and chaotic. If you have to skip a port on a cruise and would rather spend the day at the ship's pool or spa, Bintulu might be the place to do it.



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