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CruiseReportKona5A review of Kona, Hawaii
The Big Island is The Best
Kona, Hawaii  
Chris Dikmen
  Last visited: 12-2015  
We love Hawaii, and there are no 'bad' islands in the chain. That said, the big island of Hawaii, and more specifically, Kona, is our favorite Hawaiian destination. Part of the reason is the absolutely spectacular Four Seasons Hualalai resort in Kona, which we have had the opportunity to visit twice. Kona is on the 'dry' side of the island and is more lava rock than green foliage. It has a stark beauty that is unmatched. Hilo is on the 'green' side of the island that gets more rain, but you won't get as much time in the sun as you will on Kona. Our recommendation is to spend at least four days in Kona and the Four Seasons is the only choice. Rent a car one day and drive to Hilo to see the volcano. You can drive around the entire island in a day and be back at Kona in time for dinner. This is one of our all-time favorite destinations!



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