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  So, you are thinking about cruising aboard Oriana. What are the cabins like? What about the decks? Are there lots of pools? Maybe you're curious to find out how many bars there are, how many restaurants? Did you know her gross tonnage is 69,153 tons? Have a look at our statistics and technical data or maybe you'd like to know how many bottles of champagne we store for a cruise? Visit our facts and figures. The first Oriana in the P&O fleet sailed in 1960 - read on about her history. As one of Britain's most popular liners Oriana is the modern face of traditional cruising, combining technology with classic sweeping lines and spacious wooden decks. Exuding elegance and style from her soaring bow to the cascading terraces at her stern, Oriana was the first ever liner conceived and designed specifically for British passengers (passengers P&O have been catering to for 160 years.)  
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  paul joslyn
Oriana Luxury
Being a single man, I enjoyed this cruise a lot as I met many lovely people. The crew are mainly Indian from Goa and charming. The food was excellent and great value. The theme was Rugby and there
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