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  magine enjoying a croque monsieur at 3.00a.m. Imagine enjoying breakfast on your own private balcony with a limitless vista of sea and sky. Imagine celebrating your casino win over a bottle of bubbly in a cosmopolitan champagne bar. Imagine sweeping down a grand staircase into a sumptuous restaurant. And now, stop imagining. Because these are just a few of the myriad experiences you can enjoy on every Aurora cruise. Designed to bring a new standard of style and comfort to British cruising, Aurora is truly the ship for the new millennium. She brings together all that the British enjoy about travelling abroad, plus the comforts of home. From the moment you step aboard into the cool, relaxing colonial-style atrium with its soaring Lalique-style waterfall until the second you disembark, you'll find everything you'd expect from the ultimate in cruising: and much more that you wouldn't.  
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