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Carnival Triumph
  The Carnival Triumph's Great Cities of the World theme makes every cruise feel like an around-the-world adventure. Begin your amazing onboard experience with dinner in the Paris Dining Room before seeing a Las Vegas-style show in the Rome Lounge before dancing the night away at Club Rio. Kick back in your extra-spacious stateroom or at the relaxing Spa Carnival. Book your cruise on the Carnival Triumph and experience the wonders of the world "Fun Ship" style.  
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  Dennis Slate
Bad Cruise
Rip-Off. Just got back from the worst cruise I have ever been on. I paid for my wife and two college daughters for a trip to Cozumel. My daughters have always wanted to s
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  d boiter
Carnival Truimph
The layout of the ship was horrible! Most of the people on the cruise were lost the majority of the time. Most of the staff could not speak English. The food was bad 50% of the time. The dining room s
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  Mark Cruiser
Carnival Canadian Cruise 7/09
Four other couples were with us and all had a great time.  Excellent food in the main dining rooms. Plenty of dinner choices and outstanding service. Buffet was good and there were extra food choic
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  Vincent & Mary Finelli
Return to Carnival Triumph
This was our fourth Carnival Triumph cruise and we looked forward to sailing with Captain Francesco La Fauci, but as luck would have it, we missed him again since he was on vacation. However, not all
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