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CruiseReportScenic Luxury Cruises Scenic Amber1A cruise review of Scenic Luxury Cruises Scenic Amber in Europe
by cmittman
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  Scenic Amber  
Failed to Meet Expectations
October 2018
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Chose this trip because of superb reputation of the company. Were we wrong! Has the company been sold to a low price, cut the corners outfit? We were to sail from Bern to Amsterdam.

They knew weeks in advance that the river was low and much of the trip would be by bus. TELL US AND LET US CHOOSE TO CANCEL. No, we learned the day before departure that there was a problem and the extent of the problem was only leaked out by the cruise director on a day-to-day basis. In apologizing she said they only discovered the problem two days before departure. THIS WAS A LIE. We encountered other passengers from competing vessels who were notified weeks in advance and given an opportunity to cancel for a full refund.

I won't go into details of the itinerary--mostly traveled by bus. We missed staying in five scheduled ports, excursions were cut short because we had to be bused long distances and several excursions were not done at all. We had to pack-up midway and transfer to another vessel downstream. We had paid for, and were in, a deluxe suite on the first ship but in the new ship we were put into a smaller cabin. THE DOOR SIGN HAD BEEN CHANGED TO APPEAR TO BE A BETTER CLASS CABIN.. When confronted, the staff had to admit that the new vessel had fewer deluxe suites and so some passengers had to be downgraded. Scenic has offered to GENEROUSLY allow us to claim reimbursement from the trip insurance we purchased for three of the eight days of the journey. Five or six of the days had poorer itineraries than promised.

We spent at least 20 excess hours on buses. The company has offered no compensation, no discount on a future trip (which I would not take anyhow) or other accommodation.
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