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CruiseReportRegent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Navigator1A cruise review of Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Navigator in Europe
by Seven Seas Cruisers
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Regent Fine until Problems
October 2016
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My wife and I took a 24 day Regent cruise on the SS Navigator from Lisbon to Cape Town during 2016 and after over a year of discussion with Regent we are very dissatisfied with the manner in which Regent dealt with us in relation to a major problem on the cruise. At the end of a long discussion.

Regent is providing us with a credit of 3% of the cost of the African cruise to be used on a future cruise, which we believe to be inadequate and bordering on insulting given the significant issues on the African cruise. After going to bed on the first night of the African cruise, we were awakened by the sound of flooding water. During the middle of the night a pipe in the toilet broke and the bathroom, hallway and part of the closet flooded.

The crew apparently fixed the problem but we were up a good part of the night and the following day our room was occupied by the crew cleaning up the mess, drying the water, taking up the carpet and replacing the underpad. This all took place while we were occupying the room and resulted in our having limited access to our room and in the continual interruptions arising from probably a dozen or more people coming to fix the problem and to vacuum up the water as well as a very noisy fan in our room which ran all day. This caused a problem since we were jet-lagged and sleep deprived and would have liked some quiet time in the room on that first day of cruising. Unfortunately, on the second night of the cruise, the same thing happened again. The bathroom, hallway and closet were flooded and again it happened in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. We awoke to the sound of sloshing water in the bathroom, hallway and closet of our room, probably about 3:00 am or 4:00 am. We were moved to a different cabin where we stayed for the rest of the cruise and with the assistance of the crew, we packed up all of our belongings and moved to the second cabin at about 5:00 am. We then had to unpack again put things away a second time the next day and some of our clothes were damp and beginning to smell a bit musty. Needless to say, a second night of interrupted sleep and having to move in the middle of the night was difficult. We were very disappointed to have to leave our original cabin, which we found to be very comfortable and with a layout that suited our needs. We were advised by Regent that the African cruise was fully booked but we heard from a guest on the cruise that he was offered a large incentive not to take the cruise and a Regent representative advised us the second cabin was only used when necessary, which we can only assume means that the cabin was not considered to be “habitable” or up to Regent’s standards. We certainly found the second cabin to be completely substandard, with our primary concerns being as follows: 1. The second cabin seems to have a design flaw whereby the shower water sloshes over to the toilet since there is nothing to prevent this happening. Being an accessible room means that there is no shower stall or water barrier on the floor between the shower and the toilet. It is not necessary to go into details but suffice it to say that having water sloshing around the only toilet in the cabin for an hour after a shower is not at all pleasant. We put down towel barriers once or twice a day to try to prevent this but they weren't particularly effective.

This resulted in us often getting our feet wet when using the toilet, putting on shoes to stay dry or using other common toilets on the ship. In the hot parts of Africa, we would each often have two showers a day and this meant that the toilet area was a mess for a good part of the day with water and towels. 2. Since the second cabin is an accessible room, a good deal of the space is taken up with a large entrance area at the door and a wide hallway, leaving just one room instead of the separated room in most of the other cabins, including our original cabin. This was a significant disappointment to us since one or the other of my wife and I often like to read or use a computer separately from the other without disturbing them. 3. The second cabin, being an accessible room, had far less storage than our original cabin. This meant that we had to store clothes, shoes and other things on the floor instead of a cupboard. While this was really a minor inconvenience since we could use the cabin entrance and hallway to store some things, it meant that we could not get well organized for the entire cruise and had virtually no storage in the bathroom for our toiletries and no cupboard under the bathroom sink. 4. Unlike the first cabin, the second cabin did not have a bathtub. After our return from the cruise, we advised Regent of our difficulties and received what was largely a form letter with an apology that the cruise did not meet its standards and offering a $1,000 credit each on a future Regent cruise as long as it was booked within one year and taken within two years. We were surprised that Regent did not seem to appreciate the degree of the problems and offered what amounted to about 6% of the cost of the cruise in the form of a highly conditional credit. In our view, this offer amounted to little more than a small marketing incentive a future cruise. In order to resolve the matter, we requested from Regent an upgrade on a 15 day cruise we are planning to take this summer, which would provide us with the least expensive cabin with a balcony, a suggestion we believe to be very modest all things considered. We were advised that we would have to await a reply to this request and when we checked back a year later we were advised that there were no balcony cabins available. This could not have come as a surprise to Regent and we can only conclude that Regent was simply putting us off until they had an excuse not to address our modest request.

What makes matters worse is that we lost half of the $1,000 credit for the Regent cruise this summer since the least expensive cabins were mysteriously not available even though we booked the second cruise almost two years earlier and paid a deposit at that time. If booking and paying a deposit almost two years in advance of a cruise is not sufficient to get a chosen cabin, it makes us wonder if the least expensive cabins were ever available. As a result, we have been allocated an identical room to the one we requested except that it is $500 more expensive each, thereby cutting the Regent compensation in half to a credit of about 3% of the cost of the African cruise. We appreciate that problems occur on these cruises and that there are limits to what can be done by the cruise line at the time. However, to be treated in this manner after the cruise by Regent, which purports to be very interested in guest comfort, makes it very clear that they are not particularly interested in actually addressing issues in a reasonable manner. Instead of sending out glossy magazines on what seems like a weekly basis (a 260 page brochure arrived today), perhaps Regent could have dealt with us on a personal and fair basis after the problems occurred. We have sent a copy of this review to Regent and invite Regent to comment on any aspect of it with which it may disagree. We will take the Regent cruise this summer since we booked and paid a deposit for it almost two years ago. However, this will be the last Regent cruise we will consider.

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