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CruiseReportCosta Cruises Costa Classica2A cruise review of Costa Cruises Costa Classica in India
by Jose Riefkohl
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  Costa Classica  
They Will Not Give You Water
February 2018
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My wife and I have taken more than 20 cruises. This is the first time we've seen this. We were two couples on Costa NeoClasica for a cruise from the Maldives to Mumbai on FEB 2018. The cruise facilities were very nice. We had an inside cabin that has been the biggest of the inside cabins I have seen. The ship was clean and seemed updated. The public areas were comfortable. The casino was small (not a player). The ship itinerary was good: Maldives, Colombo-Sri Lanka, Goa & Mumbai India. The shows were mediocre. The food at the main restaurant was mediocre as well. They will not serve you drinking water at the sit-down restaurant or at any bar. If you do not have a beverage package you will have to buy your drinking water. You have the option of leaving your activity and going to the buffet area on the 11th floor and get a free glass of water. We talked to the waiter, head waiter and the food and beverage manager about drinking water during dinner and they refuse to serve unless you pay for it. Shame on you, Costa, for holding on to a life sustaining liquid.
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