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CruiseReportRoyal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas4A cruise review of Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas in Caribbean
by RetireFund
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  Anthem of the Seas  
1500 unruly kids on board
January 2018
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My wife and I flew to Newark and got Cruiseline transport to Cruiseport at Bayonne. Not exactly my favorite place. Traffic is a problem. We liked this new and vibrant ship, though, the Anthem of the Seas which has many amenities, it seems mostly geared to a much younger crowd. (We are boomers and seasoned cruisers) Beautiful ship. Good crew. Great food.

It was the 1500 unruly children onboard that we did not appreciate. We booked this cruise thinking "who would take their kids out of school in the 3rd week of January". What we didn't know, and what the cruiseline conveniently didn't tell us, is that hundreds of private schools in the area use this week as their vacation time.

My wife loves to dance, However, every single night, in every single adult venue and nightclub, there were dozens of 2,3,4,5 and 6 yr olds on the dance floor at 8,9,10,11, and yes, even 12 oclock midnight, running around between drinking, dancing adults!

Having been a policeman for over 30 yrs, and having investigated hundreds of injuries and deaths of children, I brought this to the attn of the Cruise Pursor's Staff but was told that as long as the parents were present, there was nothing they could do.

They also did nothing about the hundreds of tweens and teens in these venues all night long, "without" adult supervision.

If you are a boomer couple like us, traveling without children, you might want to avoid this sailing and save your money for another departure port or even another cruise line.

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