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CruiseReportRegent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Voyager2A cruise review of Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Voyager in Australia/New Zealand
by Phyllis Ziring
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Bad weather, bad service
January 2017
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We sailed 1/12-1/26 on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager. At $32,000 for both of us, we knew we could expect luxury and personal attention. What we got was disappointment. Regent can not be faulted for the weather, but for lack of planning, perhaps, and definitely lack of transparency. They must have known well before they told us that the weather would prevent us from cruising the fjords of Milford Sound (a highlight of the cruise) and from getting into the port of Picton, New Zealand. Instead we rocked and bounced on the Tasman Sea far longer than expected. The captain referred to the weather as a low pressure area whereas the TV weather channel called it a hurricane. Whatever it was, elevators were shut down, 11th level buffet was closed because plates, bottles of wine and the buffet went crashing to the floor. In the main dining room, a window frame broke and water came gushing in. It too was closed. Passengers kept to their cabins, seasick and unhappy.

I heard a fellow passenger remark about the mediocre service saying she thought many of the experienced waiters, stewards, etc. were taken off the Voyager and assigned to the new Explorer. This may or may not be true, but the service suffered. Six hours after I requested some more Perrier bottles in my room, I bumped into the steward and he assured me he would deliver them right away. I had already gotten them from Room Service, having given up on the steward.

Many shore excursions were included but it was difficult to get on a first or second choice. I tried the day we could book them in July, and had to settle. Those who tried to book them on the cruise itself were met with frustration. The lines for the Destination Desk were long and slow because they only had two people working at a time, although there were three computers. The Destination people didn't seem familiar with all the tours and were unable to help many people. The "included" tours were mostly acceptable, but the ones worth taking cost extra. Many of those I signed up for started at 8:10 am which would have been OK, but for two nights, we had to set our clocks ahead one hour. This in effect, made the excursions an hour earlier.

Food in the main dining room was acceptable, but not great. Our best meal was a Filipino one arranged by our Filipino waiter. (Most of the service staff is Filipino.) The two :"optional" dining rooms were difficult to get a reservation. Our travel agent, fortunately, had booked one meal in each the day reservations were accepted.

And lastly, the Canyon Ranch Spa: overpriced! My shellac manicure was $126 and a 50-minute massage, $200.
I would highly recommend readers look into Silversea. We had a far better experience on that cruise line.
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