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CruiseReportRoyal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas1A cruise review of Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas in Caribbean-Southern
by Illinois Guy
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Vacation ruined by Navigator
January 2017
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We have cruised many times and experience has taught me to look at a reviewers experience level - i.e. new cruisers think everything is great, but experienced cruises see more objectively. Our vacation was ruined by Navigator of the Seas.


* Complete disgraceful mess * * * * * much worse than other ports * No communication, no one outside the building providing info about bags. No one providing any direction inside the building, asked guy about the Crown and Anchor line, he sent us to the top tier line which got us dirty looks. You follow instructions from RCCL people and they get angry with you. We will NEVER use Miami, least for RCCL, again. Worst experience.


Navigator is "Voyager" class so based upon experience we expected quality. However, this was a ship BADLY in need of maintenance time in dry dock, it was last refurbished in 2014 and was in poor condition.

* A/C worked poorly in both cabins (we had to be moved after 4 days) due to balcony doors leaking * Toilet overflowed filling the floor with water, leaking onto the cabin carpet * Toilet stopped flushing (caused us to demand another cabin) * Balcony paint in poor condition, rust showing * Bed was very hard, blanket rolled up under sagging section to prevent sagging * Hair dryer not working * Carpet moldy smell due to toilet overflow * Hallway carpet outside cabin moldy smell due to bathroom leak


Windjammers food had really degraded since we sailed Oasis in 2015. Breakfast had the same items daily, 'hash browns' seem to be McDonalds prepackaged product, almost no food from scratch, just poor quality like I've never seen in my prior 10 cruises. Lunch a bit better. Some variance, quality slightly better, deserts fair at best. The main dining room experience may have been good for some but not for us. Food was fair at best and has really degraded, cheaper quality meals and meats. Beef tenderloins used to be a whole piece meat, now its 2 thin slices. Quality entrees such as Beef Wellington, Swordfish, Beef Bourguignon, and others are gone. Duck served one night was VERY tough so I gave up on one of my most desired dishes. Lamp chops good but very THIN and each of the 3 chops gave only 2 bites - 6 bites total. Did have prime rib 2 nights though. "Creme Brulee" was NOT made from either eggs or cream (that's how they are made), some crappy corn starch based junk, mine at home is vastly better and real.

But the really troubling part was our waiter, hands down the worst we've ever had. A good waiter must do more than take your order and bring plates of food, local restaurants do that. The most important job is to provide recommendations on food and explain how the food is prepared and served. WHAT will we get on the plate and WHAT is especially good. He didn't do any of that. After 5 nights we gave up and started listening to a nearby waiter for his recommendations. The next night we resorted to asking him directly, in which case our waiter quickly ran over to cut him off by taking our order. He couldn't explain how food was prepared or served. Part of cruising is the dining experience which is heavily influenced by the waiter's knowledge and skill, which he lacked. Perhaps the trouble was his English, he said little and was hard to understand.

On day 7 (of a 9 day cruise) I had a bad meal in dining room that upset my stomach and lost the contents an hour later. The following day my stomach was upset all day long. But it was in the early hours of day 9 that I spent much of the evening on the toilet with diahrea. The next morning on day 9 I went to the ship's medical facility and was treated for, what they would NOT say, was food poisoning and they followed CDC prootcol for the Norovirus. I know this is the case as my wife is a nurse and were know others had the same. Being the case I was then restricted and imprisoned in our cabin. My wife got sick also.

After that room service of bland food was all I could order, it took a long time to deliver, and was completely tasteless and cold. We couldn't wait to disembark the ship.


* Our fist cabin attendant was NOT informed of bathroom problems in our first cabin despite 2 calls to Guest Services. * Our 2nd cabin attendant was NOT informed we were moving to another cabin and I had to explain WHO I was and WHY I was in, what she thought, was an empty cabin.


* Dining room manager DID NOT followup with table request issue on day 1 as promised at 2:30 PM. This had to be resolved at the start of the dinner seating who knew nothing of our 2:30 PM request. * Guest Services did not send anyone to first cabin to clean up toilet overflow despite 2 requests. Cabin attendant was unaware there was a problem in our cabin (communication issue). * Guest services promised they would take an inappropriate charge off our account for a complimentary movie but did not (we cannot get this resolved). * Guest services promised to deliver an updated statement to our cabin reflecting a credit for the inappropriate charge but did not. We still no documentation of charges.

NOTE: On day 2 we asked for another cabin and were denied by the Guest Services Manager, Tyler Parker, who said no other cabin was available. On day 4 a cabin became available despite the fact the ship was at sea so it was impossible to disembark the ship. Guest services lied to us on day 2 about no other cabin available and they were perhaps the biggest disappointment on our cruise. Guest Services talked, gave excuses, made promises, didn't keep them, and then treated us like we were the problem. All problems stated above stem from management which means they are not competent (Hotel Director, Restaurant Manager, etc) because they keep themselves isolated from customers to avoid problems.


This was hands down the WORST experience we've ever sustained. Further, we entrusted Royal Caribbean with our hard earned money and it was wasted on this cruise, we did not get the services we paid for. At this point we cannot trust Royal Caribbean with our vacation money because they own Navigator and keep it at sea in poor condition with bad management.

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