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CruiseReportPrincess Cruises Regal Princess1A cruise review of Princess Cruises Regal Princess in Caribbean-Western
by BritRick
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  Regal Princess  
Horrible ship, bad service
October 2016
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I had booked this cruise on the recommendation of friends and had expected typical fare for a Caribbean cruise -- high energy, drinks with silly straws, drinks with umbrellas impaled on fruit, lots of music, laughing and fun. It was nothing like that at all. Instead of being greeted with smiling happy staff offering me a cocktail, it was a woman telling us to book spa services. No other staff were around, no upbeat music, nothing. At every turn, Princess was trying to sell more stuff; I understand that they are trying to earn profits, but I got the distinct feeling that they wanted to take me for everything I had.

The food in the buffet was dull and boring, more than a few times I would walk through there and not be inspired to eat at all. I would 'settle' to select something because I had to eat, not because I wanted to. The specialty restaurants which are an additional cost, were better although the steaks were undercooked from what was ordered, and the seafood was overcooked. At their private island, the food was even worse - burgers and hot dogs that were not thoroughly cooked and strange potato salad. The bartenders on the island were all miserable, not a smile among any of them, including the manager. Even on a tropical isle, drinks were served in basic plastic cups without garnish.

The decor of the ship was dated, it felt like the gold/crystal regurgitation from the 1980s. It felt like a set from Dynasty, gaudy and tasteless. The stateroom was basic, but at least there was a bathtub, and the bed was very comfortable; which was a relief because there was nothing exciting on board so I ended up watching a couple dozen movies in bed.

The only nightclub on board was "Club 6" which featured a dance floor about 1/2 the size of a standard garage. Never once was there a DJ there, nor was the place ever part way full. There was a private dance on the rooftop one night, the DJ that the ship provided could not mix 2 tunes together. The entertainment in the atrium "piazza" had lounge singers who repertoire was based on Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I was so bored one night from watching movies in my cabin, I went down to see what I was missing, and found myself playing games on my smartphone. As I was leaving to check out other venues, the singer said they were going to now sing some rock 'n' roll.. and proceeded to play "Hound Dog." That is how pathetic this whole cruise was. It was a 8day/7night cruise, but I could have easily left after 2 days. I would rather have been at work and saved myself $5000 and the misery of being on a Princess cruise. I will NEVER sail with them again. A complete waste of time and money.

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