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CruiseReportOceania Cruises Nautica5A cruise review of Oceania Cruises Nautica in Asia
by Clare Millians
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Oceania Cruises Can't Be Beat
January 2016
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We returned last week from our sensational Oceania cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong, with stops in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Oceania consistently offers a superior cruise experience.

Since my last Oceania cruise, I think they even improved the food, and I didn't think it was possible to improve on the food. The service, the staff, the food and everything else about the ship was perfect. The staff bent over backwards to make sure the guests had a wonderful experience. Our malfunctioning DVD player and burned out light bulb were changed instantly, and we didn't even have to ask the staff to change them. Raj and Michael, our cabin stewards were outstanding. We had plenty of ice and Diet Cokes in our cabin. The room was always perfectly cleaned and neat. Daniel, at Reception, had our DVD player replaced while we were at lunch. He and Marco were always very pleasant and helpful.

We booked the ship's shore excursions and I think they have improved on the excursions too. The staff working the shore excursion desk were very pleasant and I got a good tip on a tour from Alan.

The Grand Dining Room, Polo Grill, Toscana, Waves Grill, the Terrace Cafe and Room Service were outstanding. Paul Climescu and Sasha were great and always made sure things ran smoothly. Gianluca Mazza made amazing dishes in Toscana. It was a treat to taste everything. I dream about the involtini.

Conny Hammelmann and Stefano Morelli were a pleasure to meet and see around the ship.

Raffaele Cinque, the General Manager, was always visible and had a big smile on his face. I told him how much we loved Oceania and he even sent me a thank you note.

My travel partner, who is a physician, got shingles on the first day of our cruise. She went to the ship's doctor and was impressed that they carried the medication she needed.

The gym is well equipped and was crowded in the morning.

Gerry, the guest lecturer, was very interesting and never referred to notes when he spoke. He interacted with guests throughout the cruise.

I have traveled on Crystal, Seabourn, Viking (the worst), Princess, Cunard, Paul Gauguin, and Seven Seas Mariner and nobody beats Oceania for me.

My only complaint was when I had to get off the ship at the end of our cruise. I could have stayed forever.

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