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Cruise Reviews for Celebrity Cruises
Editorial Reviews - Professional reviews from CruiseReport.com editors
ShipReview TitleYearStar Rating
Celebrity EclipseLiving The Celebrity Life2011
SummitAlaskan Summit2002
Consumer Reviews - Submit your Celebrity review
ShipReview TitleYearStar Rating
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MillenniumTerrible Experience!2014
ConstellationWonderful Get-away2014
InfinityAntarctica Cruise2014
CenturyLess Than Great Experience2014
Celebrity ReflectionCelebrity Reflection2014
SummitAnother Wonderful Cruise2013
Celebrity SolsticePacific Coast Cruise 2013
Celebrity SolsticeBest Cruise of Alaska2013
Celebrity EclipseWhy I Sail Celebrity2013
Celebrity EclipseWhy I Sail Celebrity2013
Celebrity EclipseConsider Celebrity Eclipse2013
Celebrity ReflectionE. Caribbean on the Reflection2013
InfinityGreat Cruise w/Friends2012
MillenniumVery Poor Celebrity Millennium2012
Celebrity EclipseGreat Cruise - Other problems2012
Celebrity SolsticeSolstice was a good choice2012
Celebrity SilhouetteSick Ship2012
Celebrity EclipseEclipse in the Caribbean2011
Celebrity EquinoxPerfectly Amazing2011




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