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by alecia flores
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  Viking Sun
Not so Much
April 2006
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We had the misfortune to take the Viking Sun "Treasures of the Rhine" cruise. It was a misfortune on two counts: firstly, the cruise started on Easter Thursday - and we were not notified that, in Europe, Easter is celebrated on Easter Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday. On these days, many shops and sights are closed, and, when the additional Sunday is added, this meant that we were unable to do much of anything for six days out of a 12-day cruise - not a good deal.

Secondly, on the second day of the cruise, one of the passengers required a doctor - the illness turned out to be of the GI type, and by the fifth day of the cruise, about 18 people were ill, with the total, according to Viking, of about 25 (anecdotally, the passengers felt the number was at least three times that amount). Viking did nothing to prevent the spread of this ailment until the eighth day of the cruise (after my spouse came down with it). It was a bacterial infection (my spouse was tested by a laboratory), which means that if they had taken precautions at the outset, many of these people would not of gotten ill. Given the average age of their customers, this approach is ridiculous (at best). When I wrote to Viking, they basically bragged that only about 13% of the passengers got sick - according to the CDC, a cruise ship in the USA would be closed down if 6% of the passengers get sick. The letter also claimed that Viking can't keep track of all the holidays in all the different countries: to my mind, any company that has been in the cruise business for as long as Viking has absolutley SHOULD know the holidays - especially when they take five days in a row, and occur every year.

Because of this experinece, I cannot recommend Viking (and we had been on two prior cruises with them, with only minor problems). At our age, we cannot take the kind of chances with our health to which Viking seems willing to expose us.
not surprised that Viking doesn't rate as a first class cruise line. Beware and do you homework.
Thursday, December 22, 2011 1:01 PM  
Dear Alecia, We are sorry to hear of your disappointment — both with your trip and with our initial response to your concerns. Our Customer Relations department will be in touch this week. We hope to be able to leave you with a better impression this time. If ever you would like to email us directly, please feel free to do so at Sincerely, Viking River Cruises
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:03 PM  
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Viking Sun
Reviewed by alecia flores
A cruise review of Viking River Cruises Viking Sun in Europe



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