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With its spectacular setting among seven hills, Bergen is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable cities in Norway. Founded in 1070 A.D. by the illustrious King Olav Kyrre, it became the first capital of Norway during the 13th century. The city became an important shipping and commercial center; it was the headquarters for the Hanseatic League, an association of merchants in northern Europe until the 17th century.

Although the city periodically has been ravaged by fire, many fine examples of medieval and Renaissance architecture can still be found. The broad avenues and open spaces are testimonials to the city planners, who used the thoroughfares as a tool to prevent the rapid spread of fires.

Bergen’s association with the sea has given the city its lifeblood. The fishing industry has provided the economic backbone for the region for centuries. Another important source of income is tourism. The main event of the season is the Bergen International Festival. This festival of music, drama, folklore, opera and ballet coincides with Fjord Blossom Time, the period when Norway’s fjord country is radiant with the colors of spring.

The city is second in size only to Oslo. Since there is a relatively compact town center, the majority of its sites are within an easy walk from the harbor. From fine surviving medieval buildings to a series of good museums, Bergen offers a wide variety of attractions. Its scenic beauty, which can best be appreciated from Mt. Floyen, is captivating.

Enjoy this lovely city by taking a stroll to the old part of town, passing the impressive 12th-century Bergenhus fortress. The main focus around the harbor is the old Hanseatic Wharf, called Bryggen, where the reconstructed gabled buildings house workshops, boutiques and restaurants. The mornings are especially delightful with the colorful flower, fish and fruit market along the waterfront. You may want to bring your umbrella as Bergen is the rainiest place in Norway.
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Beautiful Bergen 
C. Dikmen & R. Richardson
The Scandinavian port is both beautiful and historic. A short walk from the port area to the town takes you to many places to shop and eat along the waterfront. The old town area's museum is worth a v
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