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Cruise Review Sponsorship Opportunity
  A unique advertising opportunity for travel agencies    
Now your travel agency can sponsor a CruiseReport editorial review. Editorial reviews receive the highest readership on CruiseReport!

For a single, low, flat-fee, your 640 X 90 banner ad (example below) will be placed throughout the review content. Everyone who reads the sponsored review will see your ad and have the opportunity to click-through to your website.

Your agency advertising message will reach the consumer at the height of excitement, after they have read our thorough editorial review!

Review and Blog combined

Your sponsorship includes placement within the body of the review text and the daily cruise blog. We also mention your agency as the sponsor of the review in emails that are sent to our 7,000+ subscribers! This maximizes your agency advertising impact, and no other travel website offers this level of exposure.

Exclusive Sponsorship - There is only one travel agent sponsor per editorial project (cruise review/blog), so no competing ads from other agencies. Every consumer who reads the review and blog will see your ad.

To see an example of how your ad might appear on the daily cruise blog, click here

To see an example of how your ad might appear within the body of a cruise review, click here

12 Month Sponsorship - $1,500 - Your banner ad and links will remain for a full 12 months

24 Month Sponsorship - $2,000 - Extend your banner ad placement for a full 12 months for only $500. The 24-month sponsorship must be purchased at the time you place your original sponsorship insertion order.

Monthly Performance Reports - You will receive a monthly email showing the number of views your ad has received as well as the number of click-throughs to your website.

Creative Changes - You can change your banner ad creative once every 90 days, if necessary, at no additional charge.

Payment - All payments must be made in advance of ad placement. Payments are processed through PayPal. You can use any major credit card with PayPal, or your PayPal account. You are not required to have a PayPal account to pay via credit card.

Cancellations - All transactions are final. There are no refunds, pro-rata or otherwise. The payment of the PayPal invoice is considered acceptance of the terms.

For more information on current, previous and future media projects available for sponsorship, contact


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