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Freestyle Cruising starts with a wide range of dining options all included in your cruise price, and all available on your schedule. The freedom continues with entertainment for everybody. From Broadway shows, to adults-only clubs where you can dance 'til dawn, to supervised activities for kids and teens. When it's time to recover from the excitement, you can retreat to accommodations designed for the way you cruise.

Freestyle Dining

No set dining times, no assigned tables, a relaxed dress code and more restaurants than days in the week on every ship, so you can enjoy whatever you're hungry for, whenever you're hungry.

Freestyle Fun & Entertainment

How do you have a good time? Pools with slides, Wii" on two-story screens, modern fitness centers, expansive spas, fun kids and teens programs, wine tastings, an always-exciting casino and more are all waiting for you on board.

Freestyle Accommodations

Retreat to accommodations designed for the way you cruise, from The Studios – staterooms for the solo traveler – to spacious 2-Bedroom Family Suites. Like a view of the ocean? We have a higher percentage of balcony staterooms than any other cruise line.

BahamasNorwegian Breakaway7-night Bahamas & FloridaNew York CityNew York City7
BermudaNorwegian Breakaway7-night BermudaNew York CityNew York City7
BermudaNorwegian Dawn7-night BermudaBostonBoston7
CanadaNorwegian Dawn7-night Canada/New EnglandBostonQuebec City7
CanadaNorwegian Dawn7-night Canada/New EnglandQuebec CityBoston7
CanadaNorwegian Dawn14-night Canada & New EnglandBostonBoston14
CanadaNorwegian Dawn14-night Canada & New EnglandQuebec CityQuebec City14
CaribbeanNorwegian Dawn19-night CaribbeanTampaBoston19
Eastern CaribbeanNorwegian Getaway7-night Eastern CaribbeanMiamiMiami7
MediterraneanNorwegian Epic7-night MediterraneanBarcelonaBarcelona7
MediterraneanNorwegian Epic4-night Western MediterraneanCivitivecchia (Rome)Barcelona4
MediterraneanNorwegian Epic7-night Western MediterraneanCivitivecchia (Rome)Civitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanNorwegian Epic3-night Western MediterraneanBarcelonaBarcelona3
Multiple DestinationNorwegian Breakaway14-night Bahamas, Florida & BermudaNew York CityNew York City14
Multiple DestinationNorwegian Breakaway14-night Bermuda, Bahamas & FloridaNew York CityNew York City14
Multiple DestinationNorwegian Dawn14-night Bermuda & Canada/New EnglandBostonQuebec City14
Multiple DestinationNorwegian Dawn14-night Canada/New England & BermudaQuebec CityBoston14
NowhereNorwegian Dawn2-night Weekend EscapeNew OrleansNew Orleans2
Southern CaribbeanNorwegian Breakaway12-night Southern CaribbeanNew York CityNew York City12
Southern CaribbeanNorwegian Dawn12-night Caribbean EscapeTampaBoston12
Southern CaribbeanNorwegian Dawn14-night Caribbean EscapeBostonNew Orleans14
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic11-night TransatlanticMiamiBarcelona11
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic14-night TransatlanticBarcelonaMiami14
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic18-night Western Caribbean & TransatlanticMiamiBarcelona18
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic21-night Transatlantic & Western CaribbeanBarcelonaMiami21
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic21-night Western Caribbean, Transatlantic & W. MedMiamiBarcelona21
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic28-night W. Caribbean, Transatlantic & W. MediterraneanMiamiBarcelona28
TransatlanticNorwegian Epic28-night W. Mediterranean & TransatlanticBarcelonaMiami28
U.S. East CoastNorwegian BreakawayTwo-night CruiseNew York CityNew York City2
Western CaribbeanNorwegian Dawn7-night Western CaribbeanTampaTampa7
Western CaribbeanNorwegian Dawn7-night Western CaribbeanNew OrleansNew Orleans7
Western CaribbeanNorwegian Epic7-night Western CaribbeanMiamiMiami7
Western CaribbeanNorwegian Epic7-night Western CaribbeanMiamiMiami7
Western CaribbeanNorwegian Epic7-night Western CaribbeanMiamiMiami7
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4/12/2014Norwegian Getaway 7-night Eastern Caribbean
Miami  to  Miami
4/13/2014Norwegian Breakaway 7-night Bahamas & Florida
New York City  to  New York City
4/13/2014Norwegian Dawn 7-night Western Caribbean
Tampa  to  Tampa
4/13/2014Norwegian Epic 7-night Western Caribbean
Miami  to  Miami
4/19/2014Norwegian Getaway 7-night Eastern Caribbean
Miami  to  Miami
4/20/2014Norwegian Breakaway 7-night Bahamas & Florida
New York City  to  New York City
4/20/2014Norwegian Dawn 7-night Western Caribbean
Tampa  to  Tampa
4/20/2014Norwegian Dawn 19-night Caribbean
Tampa  to  Boston
4/20/2014Norwegian Epic 18-night Western Caribbean & Transatlantic
Miami  to  Barcelona
4/20/2014Norwegian Epic 21-night Western Caribbean, Transatlantic & W. Med
Miami  to  Barcelona
4/20/2014Norwegian Epic 28-night W. Caribbean, Transatlantic & W. Mediterranean
Miami  to  Barcelona
4/20/2014Norwegian Epic 7-night Western Caribbean
Miami  to  Miami
4/26/2014Norwegian Getaway 7-night Eastern Caribbean
Miami  to  Miami
4/27/2014Norwegian Breakaway 14-night Bahamas, Florida & Bermuda
New York City  to  New York City
4/27/2014Norwegian Breakaway 7-night Bahamas & Florida
New York City  to  New York City
4/27/2014Norwegian Dawn 12-night Caribbean Escape
Tampa  to  Boston
4/27/2014Norwegian Epic 11-night Transatlantic
Miami  to  Barcelona
5/3/2014Norwegian Getaway 7-night Eastern Caribbean
Miami  to  Miami
5/4/2014Norwegian Breakaway 7-night Bermuda
New York City  to  New York City
5/8/2014Norwegian Epic 3-night Western Mediterranean
Barcelona  to  Barcelona
@John, we have nothing against NCL. We make requests every year, but they have to be willing to participate. We have too many cruise lines that want us to cover them, so it is just a matter of bandwidth and availability. Contact NCL and let them know you want a CruiseReportfeature story.
Friday, September 13, 2013 11:35 AM  
Still no reviews of NCL by your editorial staff. So you have something against NCL. I see an old review of Dawn, but come one, how about a review of their newer ships?
Friday, September 13, 2013 9:35 AM  
sailed on the jewel 2012 to the bahamas . i never knew what absolute fun was until this time . the crew were very efficient , food ,entertainment , excellant. would recommand ncl to people that like good taste in cruising.
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 7:37 AM  
Why no CruiseReport reviews of NCL? Can't they take the scrutiny?
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 4:14 PM  
My family and I just came back from a 7 night on The NCL Sun. This was many of several cruises. However, the first time to sail NCL. We all were very dissatisfied with this cruise line. It is on the very low scale compaired to others we have sailed. The food was bad , crew was very slack and had difficuly understanding and speaking english. The boat had a foul smell and outside on the pool deck welding and banging noises everyday. The rooms very small ( we had two) and not well kept. Poor communication and lack of knowleadge with crew staff. I plan to sail again soon but, it will not be the Norweigian Cruise Line.
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 5:09 PM  
My girlfriend and I just got back from our second cruise with NCL. This time we were on the Dawn to the Southern Caribbean. Food was excellent and cabin was comfortable with plenty of room. The crew was terrific and very helpful. Enjoyed the shows. Would choose NCL again for future cruise.
Sunday, April 01, 2012 2:48 PM  
food was ordinary will little variety. Nothing special in the dining rooms. If you like Coca Cola, they only serve pepsi.
Sunday, March 18, 2012 9:08 AM  
We just got back from NCL Star 7 day cruise, and had a fantastic time. The crew was excellent and took very good care of us and our balcony room was perfect... I am already planning next year's cruise with NCL
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 11:38 AM  
The beds, including the beds that fold down from the wall, were very comfortable and we slept well every night! The cabin felt like plenty of room and was not cramped, as we had feared. Food was mostly good, not great. Crossings was good for dinner and the omelet station and breakfast buffet was best for breakfast.
Monday, February 06, 2012 9:52 PM  
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