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Welcome to Sanctuary Cruises

Imagine drifting down a river, past intriguing villages and ancient monuments; sailing through timeless, epic landscapes; exploring rugged islands, home to exotic creatures. For some, the word 'cruise' has become synonymous with mass tourism, bringing to mind a travelling circus disgorging tourists to swarm around honey-pot monuments, before returning to the confines of a vast ship.

Sanctuary Retreats seek to turn this perception of cruising on its head. We have found the finest floating boutique hotels and filled them with just the right amount of people. Secluded docks, and carefully designed itineraries, keep our passengers away from the crowds. Onboard, there is everything you need. Outside, there is a whole new world to be discovered.
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My answer. The crusie will have smokers, people who do not like to wait in line, and loud rock music blaring everywhere. Costa in Europe is notorious for this. December is a wonderful time to visit Europe, it is not crowded, and the Christmas decorations are nice. It will get dark early in London and Paris but these days, it will be warmer than you expect.BTW, london will be dead from 12/24 12/26, with nothing open, and the tube shut down. Try not to be there then. If you have never been to Europe before, stick with London Paris and Barcelona , but Rome is Rome, and that would be my third choice. Barcelona is wonderful too. You can read the reviews here of Costa Cruises. If you must have a crusie, consider taking Norwegian. I think you will enjoy it more.
Friday, January 18, 2013 7:18 AM  
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