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You'll Love Where We Take You

Azamara Club Cruises is the new, deluxe cruise experience for discerning travelers who long to reach out-of-the-ordinary destinations and indulge in amenities and service unparalleled on the high seas.

The unique offerings of Azamara are beyond compare: butler service is provided in every stateroom; our shore excursions (we prefer to call them shore immersions), are designed to let guests become part of the fabric of life in each destination, instead of merely being an observer; our enrichment programs offer everything from culinary to photographic explorations; our two specialty restaurants provide the finest cuisine at sea; live entertainment can be enjoyed nightly; and the level of service offered is unmatched.

Azamara Club Cruises consists of two intimate ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Each can carry 710 fortunate guests and because they are smaller and sleeker than larger cruise ships, they can sail to ports that others simply cannot reach.

In addition to offering a more personalized experience, our ships have recently undergone a $17.5 million revitalization with new European bedding and soft goods, flat screen televisions, new veranda decking and furniture, and wireless internet service in all staterooms and public areas. Plus, 93% of our staterooms offer ocean views and 68% have a private veranda.

You may be wondering where the name Azamara comes from. Azamara is a coined term derived from the Romance languages. This includes the more obvious links to blue (az) and the sea (mar). The name was also inspired by a star, Acamar.

In Classical times, the star Acamar was the most southerly bright star that could be seen from the latitude of Greece. We think of Azamara Club Cruises as a star on the blue sea. We love the flowing name that conjures up the imagery of magnificent journeys around the world. And we look forward to sharing these voyages with our guests.

AsiaAzamara Quest15-night Spices, Teas & Rubber TreesDubaiSingapore15
AsiaAzamara Quest14-night Discover Thailand & VietnamSingaporeHong Kong14
AsiaAzamara Quest10-night Discovering VietnamHong KongSingapore10
AsiaAzamara Quest10-night Temples, Dragons & BeachesSingaporeBenoa10
AsiaAzamara Quest14-night Thailand & MalaysiaSingaporeSingapore14
AsiaAzamara Quest16-night Asian KaleidoscopeBenoaKyoto16
AsiaAzamara Quest16-night The Spice RouteSingaporeDubai16
AsiaAzamara Quest14-night Thailand & IndonesiaSingaporeBenoa14
Australia/New ZealandAzamara Quest14-nightBenoaCairns14
EuropeAzamara Journey10-night Grand Canal to the AcropolisVenicePiraeus (Athens)10
EuropeAzamara Journey12-night Best of Holy LandsPiraeus (Athens)Istanbul12
EuropeAzamara Journey10-night Scenic History of the Aegean & Greek IslesIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)10
EuropeAzamara Journey11-night Acropolis to Rome, Florence & MonacoPiraeus (Athens)Monte Carlo11
EuropeAzamara Journey7-night Croatia's Inside PassageVeniceVenice7
EuropeAzamara Journey11-nightVeniceIstanbul11
EuropeAzamara Journey12-night Navigating the Black SeaIstanbulIstanbul12
EuropeAzamara Journey7-night Sultan's Palace to the AcropolisIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)7
EuropeAzamara Journey9-night Greek Isles to the Black SeaPiraeus (Athens)Istanbul9
EuropeAzamara Journey9-night Greek Isles Summer HolidayIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)9
EuropeAzamara Journey7-night Greek Isles & TurkeyPiraeus (Athens)Istanbul7
EuropeAzamara Journey10-night Black SeaIstanbulIstanbul10
EuropeAzamara Journey10-night Greek Isles to VenicePiraeus (Athens)Venice10
EuropeAzamara Quest14-night British Open Golf at St. AndrewsSouthampton (London)Leith14
EuropeAzamara Quest12-night Summer in the Romantic Cities of the Baltic & RussiaCopenhagenStockholm12
EuropeAzamara Quest14-night Delightful HavensSouthampton (London)Barcelona14
EuropeAzamara Quest14-night British Open & Highlights of NorwayLeithCopenhagen14
EuropeAzamara Quest12-night Summer Baltic/RussiaStockholmSouthampton (London)12
MediterraneanAzamara Journey9-night South France & SpainMonte CarloBarcelona9
MediterraneanAzamara Journey15-night Madeira & Canary IslandsBarcelonaBarcelona15
MediterraneanAzamara Journey9-night Turquoise Coasts & White VillagesPiraeus (Athens)Piraeus (Athens)9
MediterraneanAzamara Journey7-night Islands of the Med & Amalfi CoastBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanAzamara Journey7-night Tuscany & Cote D;AzurCivitivecchia (Rome)Barcelona7
MediterraneanAzamara Journey7-night Costa Brava - Cinque TerreBarcelonaNice7
MediterraneanAzamara Journey5-night Grand PrixNiceNice5
MediterraneanAzamara Journey10-night Monaco, Italy & AdriaticNiceVenice10
MediterraneanAzamara Quest7-night Classic MediterraneanBarcelonaBarcelona7
MediterraneanAzamara Quest11-night Islands of the MedBarcelonaNice11
MediterraneanAzamara Quest8-night Classic MediterraneanNicePiraeus (Athens)8
Multiple DestinationAzamara Quest15-night Greek Isles, Turquoise Coast & Suez CanalPiraeus (Athens)Dubai15
Multiple DestinationAzamara Quest18-night Suez CanalDubaiIstanbul18
Panama CanalAzamara Journey11-night Panama Canal New Year'sMiamiPuerto Caldera11
Panama CanalAzamara Journey12-night National Parks of PanamaMiamiPuerto Caldera12
Panama CanalAzamara Journey12-night Costa Rica Coast to CoastPuerto CalderaMiami12
South AmericaAzamara Journey11-night Argentian & BrazilBuenos AiresRio de Janiero11
South AmericaAzamara Journey12-night Rio Carnival & ArgentinaRio de JanieroRio de Janiero12
South AmericaAzamara Journey18-night Copacabana-Biscayne BayRio de JanieroMiami18
Southern CaribbeanAzamara Journey12-night West Indies HideawayMiamiMiami12
Southern CaribbeanAzamara Journey12-night West Indies HideawayMiamiMiami12
TransatlanticAzamara Journey16-night South Beach to Las RamblasMiamiBarcelona16
TransatlanticAzamara Journey16-night Wake of ColumbusBarcelonaMiami16
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1/20/2015Azamara Quest 14-night Thailand & Malaysia
Singapore  to  Singapore
1/27/2015Azamara Journey 11-night Argentian & Brazil
Buenos Aires  to  Rio de Janiero
2/3/2015Azamara Quest 14-night Thailand & Indonesia
Singapore  to  Benoa
2/7/2015Azamara Journey 12-night Rio Carnival & Argentina
Rio de Janiero  to  Rio de Janiero
2/17/2015Azamara Quest 16-night Asian Kaleidoscope
Benoa  to  Kyoto
2/19/2015Azamara Journey 18-night Copacabana-Biscayne Bay
Rio de Janiero  to  Miami
3/9/2015Azamara Journey 12-night National Parks of Panama
Miami  to  Puerto Caldera
3/21/2015Azamara Journey 12-night Costa Rica Coast to Coast
Puerto Caldera  to  Miami
3/21/2015Azamara Quest 16-night The Spice Route
Singapore  to  Dubai
4/2/2015Azamara Journey 12-night West Indies Hideaway
Miami  to  Miami
4/6/2015Azamara Quest 18-night Suez Canal
Dubai  to  Istanbul
4/14/2015Azamara Journey 16-night South Beach to Las Ramblas
Miami  to  Barcelona
4/30/2015Azamara Journey 7-night Islands of the Med & Amalfi Coast
Barcelona  to  Civitivecchia (Rome)
5/7/2015Azamara Journey 7-night Tuscany & Cote D;Azur
Civitivecchia (Rome)  to  Barcelona
5/14/2015Azamara Journey 7-night Costa Brava - Cinque Terre
Barcelona  to  Nice
5/21/2015Azamara Journey 5-night Grand Prix
Nice  to  Nice
5/26/2015Azamara Journey 10-night Monaco, Italy & Adriatic
Nice  to  Venice
6/5/2015Azamara Journey 7-night Croatia's Inside Passage
Venice  to  Venice
6/12/2015Azamara Journey 11-night
Venice  to  Istanbul
6/23/2015Azamara Journey 12-night Navigating the Black Sea
Istanbul  to  Istanbul
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Great job on the review of Journey. Will you be doing a similar report on Quest?
Thursday, October 10, 2013 8:55 AM  
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