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Silversea News

Arrive in Style with Silversea — The Award-Winning Luxury Cruise Line

Most luxury brands began in Europe, and even today Italy is universally acknowledged as the world-centre of style, design, and that intangible allure called la dolce vita. There are the world’s leading fashion designers from Armani to Ferragamo, the temptations of la cucina Italiana, the Chiantis and Brunellos of Tuscany. And in the ultra-luxury travel market — there’s the polished perfection of Silversea.

Onboard, the style is inspired by the golden age of cruising. Decorative Art Deco design elements lend a sophisticated 1930s ambience to this luxury cruise line. From the ceiling lights in Le Champagne and the sky-lit main staircase, to the innovative Stars Supper Club aboard Silver Spirit, Silversea guests sail the world surrounded by a provocative blend of modern elegance and timeless glamour — the sensations of history’s most romantic travel era.

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In a Big World — The Enormous Advantage of Small

While most cruise ships keep getting bigger and bigger, there is something uniquely satisfying about Silversea's luxurious small ship cruises. The intimacy. The close-knit camaraderie. The excitement of exploring secluded, rarely seen harbours where true adventure lies. That is why Silversea Cruises continues to sail against the trends with intimate ships that offer not only a richly abundant and highly personalised onboard experience, but also a meaningful and life-enriching travel experience for their guests.

Along with landmark destinations, Silversea luxury cruise ships call at smaller harbours inaccessible to larger ships. And they can dock right in the heart of a city while mega-vessels must anchor off shore. Which means less tendering and more time for Silversea guests to go exploring.

Luxury Cruise Suites

Your Space - The Greatest Luxury at Sea

Silversea’s suites offer one of the highest space-per-guest ratios of any luxury cruise accommodations. All Silversea suites have ocean views, and most include a private teak veranda so that you can breathe in the fresh sea air simply by stepping outside your door. And regardless of the ship or suite category, all guests will be pampered with the personalised services of an attentive butler.

For a truly personal experience, customise your suite with an abundance of thoughtful options and luxurious amenities from Bvlgari toiletries and personalised stationary to a bar with your favourite wines and liquors. Settle in with a complimentary movie or choose instead to simply watch the ocean swim by. You can even have dinner in-suite served course by course by your butler. Then, when it’s time to retire, curl up beneath Egyptian cotton linens and a fluffy duvet, with your choice of nine different pillow types. The ultimate in luxury cruise accommodations, Silversea’s suites are your home away from home.

Dining Options On Board Silversea Cruises

A Tribute to Your Great Taste

With the importance of food in Italian culture, you would expect dining to be a high priority at Silversea. And it most assuredly is. Moreover, gastronomic excellence is a given thanks to Silversea’s partnership with the prestigious Grands Chefs Relais & Châteaux. No matter where you dine, their influence is readily apparent in the great diversity and presentation of culinary selections on board your all inclusive cruise.

Silversea offers a choice of dining venues, even aboard their smallest ships, and as many as six restaurants on Silver Spirit — remarkable for a ship of her size. The main dining room aboard every Silversea luxury cruise ship, The Restaurant, is always open seating so you can arrive at your leisure and dine with the friends you invite to join your table. And with the worldly crowd of international guests who sail on Silversea ships, socialising is yet another great advantage of the Silversea experience.

The only Wine Restaurant by Relais & Châteaux at sea can be found aboard the ships of Silversea. Indulge in an evening where fine wines are complemented by a set tasting menu of regionally inspired dishes. An extraordinary six-course experience celebrating the world’s most distinguished wine regions. Special report on Le Champagne.
AfricaSilver Cloud1532 - Barcelona to AccraBarcelonaTema (Accra)16
AfricaSilver Cloud1533 - Accra to Cape TownTema (Accra)Cape Town13
AfricaSilver Cloud1534 - Cape Town to MombasaCape TownMombasa14
AfricaSilver Cloud1535 - Mombasa to Cape TownMombasaCape Town16
AfricaSilver Explorer7507 - Explorer's AfricaCape TownDakar23
AfricaSilver Whisper4506 - Singapore to MombasaSingaporeMombasa17
AfricaSilver Whisper4507 - Cape Town to MombasaMombasaCape Town13
AlaskaSilver Discoverer9514 - Sapporo to SewardOtaruSeward18
AlaskaSilver Discoverer9515 - Seward to Nome, AlaskaSewardNome12
AlaskaSilver Discoverer9516 - Nome RoundtripNomeNome14
AlaskaSilver Shadow3509 - San Francisco to VancouverSan FranciscoVancouver10
AlaskaSilver Shadow3510 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3511 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3512 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3513 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3514 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3515 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3516 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3517 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3518 - Vancouver RoundtripVancouverVancouver11
AlaskaSilver Shadow3519 - Vancouver RoundtripVancouverVancouver10
AlaskaSilver Shadow3520 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3521 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3522 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3523 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3524 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3525 - Seward to VancouverSewardVancouver7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3526 - Vancouver to SewardVancouverSeward7
AlaskaSilver Shadow3428 - Vancouver to San FranciscoVancouverSan Francisco11
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7424 - Punta Arenas to UshuaiaPunta ArenasUshuaia11
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7425 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7426 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7427 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia18
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7501 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7502 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia18
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7503 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7504 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7505 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7525 - Falklands, South Georgia & AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia18
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7526 - Classic AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7527 - Classic AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia10
AntarcticaSilver Explorer7528 - Holiday AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia12
ArcticSilver Explorer7512 - Expedition Svalbard IITromsoLongyearbyen10
ArcticSilver Explorer7513 - Expedition SvalbardLongyearbyenTromso10
ArcticSilver Explorer7514 - Expedition Svalbard IITromsoLongyearbyen10
ArcticSilver Explorer7515 - Expedition SvalbardLongyearbyenTromso10
ArcticSilver Explorer7516 - Expedition Svalbard IITromsoLongyearbyen10
AsiaSilver Discoverer9517 - Nome to SapporoNomeOtaru17
AsiaSilver Discoverer9416 - Koror Palau to Solomon IslandsKororHoniara (Solomon Is.)14
AsiaSilver Discoverer9415 Kota Kinabulu to Koror, PalauKota KinabaluKoror15
AsiaSilver Explorer7420 - Japan to GuamOtaruApra11
AsiaSilver Explorer7421 - Guam to FijiApraLautoka18
AsiaSilver Shadow3528 - Tokyo to Hong KongTokyoHong Kong15
AsiaSilver Shadow3529 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore11
AsiaSilver Shadow3530 - Singapore RoundtripSingaporeSingapore12
AsiaSilver Shadow3531 - Singapore to Hong KongSingaporeHong Kong12
AsiaSilver Shadow3532 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore9
AsiaSilver Shadow3533 - Singapore to Hong KongSingaporeHong Kong11
AsiaSilver Shadow3534 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore9
AsiaSilver Shadow3535 - Singapore RoundtripSingaporeSingapore15
AsiaSilver Whisper4504 - Benoa to Hong KongBenoaHong Kong11
AsiaSilver Whisper4505 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore11
AsiaSilver Wind2435 - Dubai to SingaporeDubaiSingapore15
AsiaSilver Wind2436 - Singapore to Hong KongSingaporeHong Kong11
AsiaSilver Wind2437 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore9
AsiaSilver Wind2438 - Singapore RoundtripSingaporeSingapore14
AsiaSilver Wind2501 - Singapore to BaliSingaporeBenoa11
AsiaSilver Wind2502 - Bali to SingaporeBenoaSingapore9
AsiaSilver Wind2503 - Singaport RoundtripSingaporeSingapore14
AsiaSilver Wind2504 - Singapore to Hong KongSingaporeHong Kong9
AsiaSilver Wind2505 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore11
AsiaSilver Wind2506 - Singapore to Hong KongSingaporeHong Kong11
AsiaSilver Wind2507 - Hong Kong to SingaporeHong KongSingapore9
AsiaSilver Wind2508 - Singapore to MuscatSingaporeMuscat17
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9420 - Dunedin to DunedinDunedinDunedin16
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9421 - Dunedin, NZ to Dunedin, NZDunedinDunedin16
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9501 - Dunedin to Wellington, NZDunedinWellington15
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9418 - Cairns to AucklandCairnsAuckland18
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9419 - Auckland to Dunedin, New ZealandAucklandDunedin14
Australia/New ZealandSilver DiscovererWellington to ChristchurchWellingtonLyttelton (Christchurch)9
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9504 - Auckland to Solomon IslandsAucklandHoniara13
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9508 - Broome to DarwinBroomeDarwin10
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9509 - Darwin to BroomeDarwinBroome10
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9510 - Broome to DarwinBroomeDarwin10
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9511 - Darwin to BroomeDarwinBroome10
Australia/New ZealandSilver Discoverer9512 - Broome to DarwinBroomeDarwin10
Australia/New ZealandSilver Spirit5504 - Auckland to MelbourneAucklandMelbourne11
Australia/New ZealandSilver Spirit5505 - Melbourne to FijiMelbourneLautoka14
Australia/New ZealandSilver Whisper4503 - Sydney to BenaoSydneyBenoa13
BermudaSilver Shadow3507 - Fort Lauderdale RoundtripFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale13
CanadaSilver Explorer7520 - North Atlantic AdventureKangerlussuaqSt. Johns, Newfoundland17
CanadaSilver Whisper4524 - Montreal to BostonMontrealBoston10
CanadaSilver Whisper4525 - Boston to MontrealBostonMontreal10
CanadaSilver Whisper4526 - Montreal to New YorkMontrealNew York City11
CanadaSilver Whisper4425 - Montreal to BostonMontrealBoston10
CanadaSilver Whisper4426 - Boston to MontrealBostonMontreal10
CanadaSilver Whisper4427 - Montreal to New YorkMontrealNew York City11
CaribbeanSilver Spirit5438 - Fort Lauderdale RTFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale15
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1505 - San Juan RoundtripSan JuanSan Juan7
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1506 - San Juan RoundtripSan JuanSan Juan7
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1507 - San Juan RoundtripSan JuanSan Juan7
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1508 - San Juan RoundtripSan JuanSan Juan7
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1509 - San Juan to Fort LauderdaleSan JuanFort Lauderdale7
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1501 - Eastern CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale11
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1502 - Fort Lauderdale to BridgetownFort LauderdaleBridgetown (Barbados)9
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Shadow3506 - Eastern CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale14
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Shadow3504 - Bridgetown to Fort LauderdaleBridgetown (Barbados)Fort Lauderdale11
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Spirit5436 - Fort Lauderdale RTFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale10
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Spirit5437 - Fort Lauderdale RTFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale10
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4429 - Bridgetown to San JuanBridgetown (Barbados)San Juan7
Eastern CaribbeanSilver Wind2534 - Eastern CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale11
EuropeSilver Cloud1513 - Venice to RomeVeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)11
EuropeSilver Cloud1427 - Lisbon to BarcelonaLisbonBarcelona7
EuropeSilver Cloud1430 - Rome to IstanbulCivitivecchia (Rome)Istanbul10
EuropeSilver Cloud1431 - Istanbul RoundtripIstanbulIstanbul9
EuropeSilver Cloud1432 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)9
EuropeSilver Cloud1433 - Athens to RomePiraeus (Athens)Civitivecchia (Rome)12
EuropeSilver Cloud1434 - Rome to FunchalCivitivecchia (Rome)Funchal10
EuropeSilver Cloud1524 - London to LisbonSouthampton (London)Lisbon11
EuropeSilver Cloud1525 - Lisbon to BarcelonaLisbonBarcelona7
EuropeSilver Cloud1515 - Barcelona to LisbonBarcelonaLisbon7
EuropeSilver Cloud1516 - Lisbon to LondonLisbonTower Bridge (London)10
EuropeSilver Cloud1517 - London to CopenhagenTower Bridge (London)Copenhagen12
EuropeSilver Cloud1518 - Copenhagen RoundtripCopenhagenCopenhagen17
EuropeSilver Cloud1519 - Copenhagen to LondonCopenhagenTower Bridge (London)12
EuropeSilver Cloud1520 - London RoundtripTower Bridge (London)Tower Bridge (London)15
EuropeSilver Cloud1521 - London RoundtripTower Bridge (London)Tower Bridge (London)15
EuropeSilver Cloud1522 - London RoundtripTower Bridge (London)Southampton (London)13
EuropeSilver Explorer7508 - Atlantic Islands & African ShoresDakarPonta Delgada14
EuropeSilver Explorer7509 - Portuguese Islands & Moroccan ShoresPonta DelgadaLisbon11
EuropeSilver Explorer7510 - Vintage EuropeLisbonDublin11
EuropeSilver Explorer7511 - Remote Isles & Magical FjordsDublinTromso14
EuropeSilver Explorer7518 - Expedition GreenlandReykjavikKangerlussuaq12
EuropeSilver Explorer7519 - Expedition Disko BayKangerlussuaqKangerlussuaq7
EuropeSilver Spirit5429 - Venice RTVeniceVenice7
EuropeSilver Spirit5430 - Venice to IstanbulVeniceIstanbul10
EuropeSilver Spirit5509 - Lisbon to BarcelonaLisbonBarcelona7
EuropeSilver Whisper4510 - Copenhagen RoundtripCopenhagenCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4511 - Copenhagen to StockholmCopenhagenStockholm7
EuropeSilver Whisper4512 - Stockholm to CopenhagenStockholmCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4513 - Copenhagen to StockholmCopenhagenStockholm10
EuropeSilver Whisper4514 - Stockholm to CopenhagenStockholmCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4515 - Copenhagen RoundtripCopenhagenCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4516 - Copenhagen to StockholmCopenhagenStockholm10
EuropeSilver Whisper4517 - Stockholm to CopenhagenStockholmCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4518 - Copenhagen RoundtripCopenhagenCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4519 - Copenhagen to StockholmCopenhagenStockholm7
EuropeSilver Whisper4520 - Stockholm to CopenhagenStockholmCopenhagen7
EuropeSilver Whisper4521 - Copenhagen to StockholmCopenhagenStockholm10
EuropeSilver Whisper4522 - Stockholm to LondonStockholmSouthampton (London)12
EuropeSilver Wind2529 - Rome to IstnabulCivitivecchia (Rome)Istanbul10
EuropeSilver Wind2531 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)9
EuropeSilver Wind2511 - Venice to IstanbulVeniceIstanbul11
EuropeSilver Wind2513 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)7
EuropeSilver Wind2514 - Athens to VenicePiraeus (Athens)Venice7
EuropeSilver Wind2515 - Venice to RomeVeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)10
EuropeSilver Wind2519 - Rome to VeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)Venice10
EuropeSilver Wind2520 - Venice to RomeVeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)10
EuropeSilver Wind2524 - Rome to VeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)Venice10
EuropeSilver Wind2525 - Venice to RomeVeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)10
EuropeSilver Wind2429 - Venice to RomeVeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)9
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1529 - Venice to RomeVeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)11
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1530 - Rome to Monte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)Monte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1531 - Monte Carlo to BarcelonaMonte CarloBarcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1526 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1527 - Rome to Monte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)Monte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1528 - Monte Carlo to VeniceMonte CarloVenice11
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1428 - Barcelona to Monte CarloBarcelonaMonte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1429 - Monte Carlo to RomeMonte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1511 - Barcelona to AthensBarcelonaPiraeus (Athens)9
MediterraneanSilver Cloud1514 - Rome to BarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)Barcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5433 - Athens to RomePiraeus (Athens)Civitivecchia (Rome)14
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5434 - Rome to BarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)Barcelona9
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5517 - Athens to VenicePiraeus (Athens)Venice7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5510 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)9
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5512 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)9
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5513 - Rome RoundtripCivitivecchia (Rome)Civitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5514 - Rome to VeniceCivitivecchia (Rome)Venice7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5515 - Venice to IstanbulVeniceIstanbul9
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5516 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5521 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5522 - Athens to VenicePiraeus (Athens)Venice7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5518 - Venice RTVeniceVenice7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5519 - Venice to IstanbulVeniceIstanbul10
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5523 - Venice to IstanbulVeniceIstanbul9
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5525 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5526 - Athens to VenicePiraeus (Athens)Venice7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5527 - Venice RoundtripVeniceVenice7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5528 - Venice to IstanbulVeniceIstanbul10
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5531 - Athens RoundtripPiraeus (Athens)Piraeus (Athens)10
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5532 - Athens to RomePiraeus (Athens)Civitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5533 - Rome to BarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)Barcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Spirit5530 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulAthens9
MediterraneanSilver Wind2532 - Athens to RomePiraeus (Athens)Civitivecchia (Rome)14
MediterraneanSilver Wind2527 - Monte Carlo to BarcelonaMonte CarloBarcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2528 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2526 - Rome to Monte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)Monte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2521 - Rome to Monte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)Monte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2522 - Monte Carlo to BarcelonaMonte CarloBarcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2523 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)10
MediterraneanSilver Wind2516 - Rome to Monte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)Monte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2517 - Monte Carlo to BarcelonaMonte CarloBarcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2518 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)10
MediterraneanSilver WindGrand VoyageVeniceBarcelona23
MediterraneanSilver Wind2430 - Rome to Monte CarloCivitivecchia (Rome)Monte Carlo7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2431 - Monte Carlo to BarcelonaMonte CarloBarcelona7
MediterraneanSilver Wind2432 - Barcelona to RomeBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)9
MediterraneanSilver Wind2433 - Rome to AthensCivitivecchia (Rome)Piraeus (Athens)10
Middle EastSilver Wind2434 - Athens to DubaiPiraeus (Athens)Dubai16
Multiple DestinationSilver CloudGrand VoyageIstanbulFort Lauderdale40
Multiple DestinationSilver SpiritGrand VoyageIstanbulFort Lauderdale56
Multiple DestinationSilver SpiritGrand Voyage "Southern Cross"Los AngelesLos Angeles64
Multiple DestinationSilver WindGrand VoyageBarcelonaHong Kong61
Multiple DestinationSilver Wind2509 - Muscat to AthensMuscatPiraeus (Athens)15
Panama CanalSilver Explorer7522 - Rainforest Cultures & Natural EcosystemsColonGuayaquil8
Panama CanalSilver Shadow3501 - Fort Lauderdale to SantiagoFort LauderdaleValparaiso (Santiago)18
Panama CanalSilver Shadow3508 - Panama CanalFort LauderdaleSan Francisco18
Panama CanalSilver Spirit5536 - Panama Canal WestboundFort LauderdaleLos Angeles17
Panama CanalSilver Spirit5537 - Panama Canal EastboundLos AngelesFort Lauderdale17
Panama CanalSilver Spirit5507 - Los Angeles to Fort LauderdaleLos AngelesFort Lauderdale17
Panama CanalSilver Spirit5501 - Fort Lauderdale to Los AngelesFort LauderdaleLos Angeles16
Panama CanalSilver Whisper4434 - Fort Lauderdale to Los AngelesFort LauderdaleLos Angeles17
Russia/UkraineSilver Spirit5431 - Istanbul RTIstanbulIstanbul9
Russia/UkraineSilver Spirit5432 - Istanbul to AthensIstanbulPiraeus (Athens)9
Russia/UkraineSilver Spirit5524 - Istanbul Roundtrip (Black Sea)IstanbulIstanbul9
Russia/UkraineSilver Spirit5529 - Istanbul Roundtrip (Black Sea)IstanbulIstanbul9
Russia/UkraineSilver Spirit5520 - Istanbul RoundtripIstanbulIstanbul7
Russia/UkraineSilver Wind2530 - Istanbul RoundtripIstanbulIstanbul9
Russia/UkraineSilver Wind2512 - Istanbul RoundtripIstanbulIstanbul7
South AmericaSilver Cloud1503 - Bridgetown RoundtripBridgetown (Barbados)Bridgetown (Barbados)17
South AmericaSilver Explorer7523 - Along the Humboldt CurrentGuayaquilValparaiso (Santiago)14
South AmericaSilver Explorer7524 - Patagonia & Chilean FjordsValparaiso (Santiago)Ushuaia12
South AmericaSilver GalapagosNorth Central ItineraryIsla BaltraSan Cristobal7
South AmericaSilver GalapagosWestern ItinerarySan CristobalIsla Baltra7
South AmericaSilver GalapagosNorth/Central GalapagosIsla BaltraIsla Baltra7
South AmericaSilver GalapagosWestern GalapagosIsla BaltraIsla Baltra7
South AmericaSilver Shadow3433 - Santiago to Buenos AiresValparaiso (Santiago)Buenos Aires15
South AmericaSilver Shadow3434 - Buenos Aires to SantiagoBuenos AiresValparaiso (Santiago)15
South AmericaSilver Shadow3435 - Santiago to Fort LauderdaleValparaiso (Santiago)Fort Lauderdale18
South AmericaSilver Shadow3502 - Santiago to Buenos AiresValparaiso (Santiago)Buenos Aires16
South AmericaSilver Shadow3503 - Buenos Aires to BridgetownBuenos AiresBridgetown (Barbados)17
South AmericaSilver ShadowGrand Voyage "Circle South America"Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale62
South AmericaSilver Whisper4530 - Bridgetown RoundtripBridgetown (Barbados)Bridgetown (Barbados)17
South AmericaSilver Whisper4432 - Bridgetown RoundtripBridgetown (Barbados)Bridgetown (Barbados)17
South PacificSilver DiscovererAustralia to MalaysiaDarwinKota Kinabalu14
South PacificSilver Discoverer9505 - Solomon Islands to PalauHoniaraKoror17
South PacificSilver Discoverer9506 - Koror to BaliKororBali18
South PacificSilver Discoverer9507 - Bali to AustraliaBenoaBroome12
South PacificSilver Explorer7422 - Lautoka, Fiji to Papeete, French PolynesiaLautokaPapeete12
South PacificSilver Explorer7423 - Tahiti to Easter IslandPapeeteEaster Island15
South PacificSilver ShadowGrand VoyageVancouverPapeete29
South PacificSilver Shadow3430 - Papeete RoundtripPapeetePapeete10
South PacificSilver Shadow3431 - Papeete RoundtripPapeetePapeete12
South PacificSilver Spirit5502 - Los Angeles to PapetteLos AngelesPapeete12
South PacificSilver Spirit5503 - Tahiti to New ZealandPapeeteAuckland8
South PacificSilver Spirit5506 - Fiji to Los AngelesLautokaLos Angeles19
South PacificSilver Whisper4502 - Papeete to SydneyPapeeteSydney12
Southern CaribbeanSilver Cloud1504 - CaribbeanBridgetown (Barbados)San Juan9
Southern CaribbeanSilver Spirit5535 - Ft. Lauderdale RoundtripFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale10
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4531 - Bridgetown RoundtripBridgetown (Barbados)Bridgetown (Barbados)7
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4532 - Bridgetown to Fort LauderdaleBridgetown (Barbados)Fort Lauderdale8
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4527 - New York to BridgetownNew York CityBridgetown (Barbados)11
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4528 - Bridgetown RoundtripBridgetown (Barbados)Bridgetown (Barbados)7
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4529 - Bridgetown RoundtripBridgetown (Barbados)Bridgetown (Barbados)7
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4431 - San Juan to BridgetownSan JuanBridgetown (Barbados)7
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4428 - New York City to BridgetownNew York CityBridgetown (Barbados)10
Southern CaribbeanSilver Whisper4433 - Bridgetown to Fort LauderdaleBridgetown (Barbados)Fort Lauderdale7
Southern CaribbeanSilver Wind2536 - Eastern & Southern CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale15
TransatlanticSilver Cloud1435 - Transatlantic WestboundFunchalFort Lauderdale9
TransatlanticSilver Cloud1510 - Transatlantic EastboundFort LauderdaleBarcelona15
TransatlanticSilver Explorer7517 - Svalbard & Scoresby SundLongyearbyenReykjavik14
TransatlanticSilver Explorer7506 - Cape-to-Cape AdventureUshuaiaCape Town23
TransatlanticSilver Spirit5534 - Barcelona to Ft. LauderdaleBarcelonaFort Lauderdale15
TransatlanticSilver Spirit5435 - Transatlantic WestboundBarcelonaFort Lauderdale15
TransatlanticSilver Spirit5508 - Fort Lauderdale to Lisbon, PortugalFort LauderdaleLisbon12
TransatlanticSilver Whisper4424 - London to MontrealSouthampton (London)Montreal17
TransatlanticSilver Whisper4508 - Cape Town to Fort LauderdaleCape TownFort Lauderdale26
TransatlanticSilver Whisper4509 - Transatlantic EastboundFort LauderdaleSouthampton (London)15
TransatlanticSilver Whisper4523 - London to MontrealSouthampton (London)Montreal17
TransatlanticSilver Wind2533 - Rome to Fort LauderdaleCivitivecchia (Rome)Fort Lauderdale17
TranspacificSilver Shadow3527 - Seward to TokyoSewardTokyo14
TranspacificSilver Shadow3429 - San Francisco to PapeeteSan FranciscoPapeete18
TranspacificSilver Shadow3432 - Papeete to SantiagoPapeeteValparaiso (Santiago)17
TranspacificSilver Whisper4501 - Los Angeles to PapeeteLos AngelesPapeete12
Western CaribbeanSilver Cloud1436 - Western CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale7
Western CaribbeanSilver Cloud1437 - Western CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale10
Western CaribbeanSilver Cloud1438 - Western CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale14
Western CaribbeanSilver Shadow3505 - Western CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale10
Western CaribbeanSilver Whisper4533 - Fort Lauderdale RoundtripFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale14
Western CaribbeanSilver Wind2535 - Western CaribbeanFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale11
World cruiseSilver Whisper2015 World CruiseLos AngelesFort Lauderdale115
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9/9/2014Silver Whisper 4424 - London to Montreal
Southampton (London)  to  Montreal
9/12/2014Silver Cloud 1427 - Lisbon to Barcelona
Lisbon  to  Barcelona
9/12/2014Silver Spirit 5429 - Venice RT
Venice  to  Venice
9/13/2014Silver Shadow 3428 - Vancouver to San Francisco
Vancouver  to  San Francisco
9/13/2014Silver Shadow Grand Voyage
Vancouver  to  Papeete
9/19/2014Silver Cloud 1428 - Barcelona to Monte Carlo
Barcelona  to  Monte Carlo
9/19/2014Silver Explorer 7420 - Japan to Guam
Otaru  to  Apra
9/19/2014Silver Spirit 5430 - Venice to Istanbul
Venice  to  Istanbul
9/19/2014Silver Wind Grand Voyage
Venice  to  Barcelona
9/19/2014Silver Wind 2429 - Venice to Rome
Venice  to  Civitivecchia (Rome)
9/21/2014Silver Discoverer 9415 Kota Kinabulu to Koror, Palau
Kota Kinabalu  to  Koror
9/24/2014Silver Shadow 3429 - San Francisco to Papeete
San Francisco  to  Papeete
9/26/2014Silver Cloud 1429 - Monte Carlo to Rome
Monte Carlo  to  Civitivecchia (Rome)
9/26/2014Silver Whisper 4425 - Montreal to Boston
Montreal  to  Boston
9/28/2014Silver Wind 2430 - Rome to Monte Carlo
Civitivecchia (Rome)  to  Monte Carlo
9/29/2014Silver Spirit 5431 - Istanbul RT
Istanbul  to  Istanbul
9/29/2014Silver Spirit Grand Voyage
Istanbul  to  Fort Lauderdale
10/1/2014Silver Explorer 7421 - Guam to Fiji
Apra  to  Lautoka
10/3/2014Silver Cloud 1430 - Rome to Istanbul
Civitivecchia (Rome)  to  Istanbul
10/4/2014Silver Galapagos Western Galapagos
Isla Baltra  to  Isla Baltra
Just returned from Silversea cruise to the eastern Caribbean. Truly an amazing experience. For the luxury traveler, all needs are met. Genuine warmth and kindness is service, some of the finest cuisine on any ship anywhere. I believe we have found our cruise home.
Monday, December 30, 2013 11:31 AM  
@Andrew, couldn't agree more with you. We have always had good experiences aboard Silversea!
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 7:33 AM  
Silversea offers a consistently top-notch experience, from the suites to the staff to the food. We recently returned from a Baltic cruise, our third trip with Silversea and our second time aboard the Whisper. Excellent experience overall.
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 7:20 PM  
...Butler service is for all suites onboard Silversea
Tuesday, August 06, 2013 2:23 AM  
The Silversea experience is amazing. Unmatched luxury and impeccable service!
Tuesday, November 08, 2011 8:38 AM  
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