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“Aloha Oe,” perhaps the most famous Hawaiian song, was written by Queen Liliuokalani, the last royal ruler of the islands…Western diseases had a deadly impact on the Polynesian population: When Captain Cook arrived in 1778 there were an estimated 300,000 Hawaiians; just 40 years later there were only half that number…The slinky sound of the steel guitar was born in Hawaii. Originally known as Hawaiian guitar, this style of playing is said to have begun when an islander slid a metal railroad tie along the strings. Hawaiian guitar music became wildly popular in the U.S. in the early 1900s, and the steel sound was soon adopted by country music, where it is most often heard today. The Hawaiian slack key guitar style is another of the island’s musical innovations. It utilizes a standard guitar in unusual tunings…When Captain Cook’s expedition first arrived in the islands, they reported that the Poly nesians were fascinated by anything made of iron. Common nails became valuable items for trade and sailors used them to woo Hawaiian women…The Upside-Down Waterfalls on Oahu’s Highway 61 are just that. When the wind blows, it appears that the water flows up…Hawaii produces about 70% of the world’s macadamia nuts…On the Big Island, there are about 70 sites with petroglyphs—strangely enough, none of the carvings depicts birds, trees, fruits, flowers or sharks, even though many seem to depict life as it was on the island….A Kona coffee tree produces enough beans for only one pound of roasted coffee…The early peoples of Hawaii had only two seasons: Kau (May to October), when the sun was directly overhead, the trade winds were reliable and it was warmer, and Hoo-ilo (November-April), when the sun was in the south, the winds were variable and it was cooler…For years, the island of Kahoolawe, just off the coast of Maui, was off limits to the public: The U.S. N avy used it as a bombing range…There are no snakes on the islands, but there are enough moray eels in the water to make up for it…Those yellow speakers attached to poles along the coast are to warn of tidal waves. (If you hear them go off at one minute to noon on the first Monday of the month, it’s only a test.)…Hawaii follows strict Western health standards. It’s as safe to eat the food and drink the water there as anywhere in the mainland U.S. Excellent hospitals and dental facilities, as well as a full range of pharmaceutical supplies, are available. If you’re cut while swimming, keep a close watch on the wound and see a doctor at once if it doesn’t heal properly. Coral cuts can easily become infected…On Oahu, islanders don’t use compass points (north, south, east and west) for directions as much as locations: Diamond Head (sort of east), ewa (sort of west and the opposite direction from Diamond Head), mauka (sort of north, toward mountains), makai (sort of south, toward the sea) and Koko Head (sort of east, used primarily outside of Honolulu)…Whatever the direction, wherever you are in Hawaii, you’re never more than 29 mi/47 km from the Pacific Ocean…Hanauma Bay, in Oahu, was in the movie Blue Hawaii, and Kauai was the locale for Jurassic Park, Islands in the Stream, The Thorn Birds, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Donovan’s Reef, South Pacific and the opening for Fantasy Island, among others…It’s illegal to go topless or nude at the beaches, though it’s done in secluded areas…Surfboards and boogie boards (sort of half surfboards for bodysurfing) can be rented in Waikiki and other tourist areas…The little lizards that scurry around (and sometimes up walls) in your lodgings are geckoes. They’re the perfect insecticide, eating bugs that would otherwise overwhelm humans…It’s relatively easy to pronounce Hawaiian words correctly. It’s similar to English, except W in t he middle of a word is pronounced like a V, and every vowel is pronounced (though sometimes they’re slurred together if spoken quickly; if the same vowel is separated by an apostrophe, be sure to pronounce it twice).
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