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Cruise Lines sailing to Africa   Africa
The second largest continent on Earth, Africa contains more countries than any other. With a history of human habitation that begins with the oldest known ancestors of man, the continent's cultural wealth easily matches its natural attractions. Empires rose and fell in Africa thousands of years before the European powers began their protracted exploitation of the continent, and much pre-colonial culture remains intact.

When we think of Africa, we tend to think of native peoples, wild animals and safaris. If you cruise around the continent of Africa, you will have opportunities to view wildlife by choosing excursions to wildlife reserves or you can plan a safari as a pre or post-cruise activity. South Africa is a wonderful country to visit, offering geographic diversity, wildlife and wine country. Cape Town is a great place to begin an Africa cruise. Try to spend a few days there before the cruise, both to enjoy this beautiful and sophisticated city and to recover from jet lag. Ending an African cruise in Mombasa, Kenya or in Tanzania makes for a convenient place to start a safari adventure. There are numerous game reserves in Tanzania and Kenya with an abundance of lodges ideally located for game viewing.

On a recent cruise to Africa, we had a guide explain to us that "South Africa is baby Africa. East Africa is Africa with teeth." We came to see this as an apt description of this continent. In South Africa, people speak English and conditions are more like those to which we are accustomed. Some parts of East Africa are less modern and fewer people speak English. More poverty is evident and the vendors are more aggressive in trying to sell their wares.

Africa is an amazing destination and cruising around the continent is a great way to get a taste of it.
Sail DateCruiselineShipItineraryEmbarkDisembark
01/17/15VoyagesMV VoyagerThe Magic of South AfricaCape TownCape Town
01/30/15VoyagesMV VoyagerFrom the Cape to the CanariesCape TownSanta Cruz de Tenerife
03/06/15SilverseaSilver Whisper4506 - Singapore to MombasaSingaporeMombasa
03/13/15CrystalCrystal SerenityV5305 - Indian Ocean ExplorerFremantleCape Town
03/23/15SilverseaSilver Whisper4507 - Cape Town to MombasaMombasaCape Town
03/31/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7507 - Explorer's AfricaCape TownDakar
11/07/15SilverseaSilver Cloud1532 - Barcelona to AccraBarcelonaTema (Accra)
11/23/15SilverseaSilver Cloud1533 - Accra to Cape TownTema (Accra)Cape Town
12/06/15SilverseaSilver Cloud1534 - Cape Town to MombasaCape TownMombasa
12/20/15SilverseaSilver Cloud1535 - Mombasa to Cape TownMombasaCape Town
01/05/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1601 - CapeTown to MombasaCape TownMombasa
01/19/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1602 - Mombasa to Cape TownMombasaCape Town
02/02/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1603 - Cape Town to Cape TownCape TownCape Town
02/12/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1604 - Cape Town to Cape TownCape TownCape Town
02/22/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1605 - Cape Town to Cape TownCape TownCape Town
03/03/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1606 - Cape Town to AccraCape TownTema (Accra)
03/23/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7606 - Cape Town to DakarCape TownDakar
12/06/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1636 - Mombasa to Cape TownMombasaCape Town
12/21/16SilverseaSilver Cloud1637 - Cape Town to Cape TownCape TownCape Town




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