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Cruise Lines sailing to Antarctica   Antarctica

The awesome scenery and wildlife of Antarctica make it the ultimate destination for adventurous souls. You can explore the spectacular icescapes of the Antarctic Peninsula in the company of distinguished naturalists and explorers. Some longer cruises combine an Antarctic expedition with visits to the majestic Chilean fjords or the remote Falkland Islands.

Antarctica, on average, is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents. Technically, Antarctica is considered a desert, with annual precipitation of only 8 inches along the coast and far less inland. There are no permanent human residents but up to 5,000 people reside throughout the year at the research stations scattered across the continent. Only cold-adapted plants and animals survive there, including penguins, seals, many types of algae, and Tundra vegetation.
Sail DateCruiselineShipItineraryEmbarkDisembark
01/19/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7502 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia
02/01/15CelebrityInfinity14-night AntarcticBuenos AiresBuenos Aires
02/06/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7503 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia
02/15/15CelebrityInfinity14-night AntarcticBuenos AiresBuenos Aires
02/16/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7504 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia
02/26/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7505 - Ushuaia RoundtripUshuaiaUshuaia
11/14/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7525 - Falklands, South Georgia & AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
12/02/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7526 - Classic AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
12/12/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7527 - Classic AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
12/22/15SilverseaSilver Explorer7528 - Holiday AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
01/03/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7601 - AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
01/21/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7602 - AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
02/02/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7603 - AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
02/14/16CelebrityInfinity14-night AntarcticBuenos AiresBuenos Aires
11/14/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7626 - Valparaiso to UshuaiaValparaiso (Santiago)Ushuaia
12/02/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7627 - AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
12/12/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7628 - AntarcticaUshuaiaUshuaia
12/22/16SilverseaSilver Explorer7629 - Antarctica HolidayUshuaiaUshuaia




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