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Stand in awe before the works of Michelangelo in Italy or Gaudí's distinctive architecture in Spain. Witness the remains of ancient civilizations in Greece and Turkey. Tour Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia. From the fjords of Norway to the waterways of Venice to the ruins of the Mediterranean, explore the richness and beauty of Europe in a totally new way.  Venture from Madrid, Spain to Toledo and Barcelona; explore the famous Champs Élysées in Paris, France and the streets of London; cruise the peaceful Lake Como to the canals of Venice or visit Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance and the holy grounds of the Vatican City in Rome; If you're ready for the vacation of a lifetime, you've found it.

Or, how about a leisurely cruise of Europe's inland waterways? Europe is a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern. Enjoy the timeless beauty and grace of the Old World with European river cruises along the Rhine, the Main, the Danube and the Seine. A river cruise will provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience along these great waterways.
Europe cruises for Crystal
Sail DateCruiselineShipItineraryEmbarkDisembark
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04/18/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4307A - Pillars of Hercules: Crystal GetawaysSouthampton (London)Lisbon
04/18/14CrystalCrystal SerenityLondon to Venice Explorer CombinationSouthampton (London)Venice
04/18/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4307 - Through the Pillars of HerculesSouthampton (London)Civitivecchia (Rome)
04/23/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4307B - Pillars of Hercules: Crystal GetawaysLisbonCivitivecchia (Rome)
04/30/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4308 - Mediterranean SpringCivitivecchia (Rome)Istanbul
05/07/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4309 - Beyond ByzantiumIstanbulVenice
05/07/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4309A - Beyond Byzantium: Crystal GetawaysIstanbulCorfu
05/13/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4309B - Beyond Byzantium: Crystal GetawaysCorfuVenice
05/30/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4311 - Visions & InspirationsBarcelonaCivitivecchia (Rome)
05/30/14CrystalCrystal SerenityBarcelona to Istanbul Explorer CombinationBarcelonaIstanbul
06/08/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4312 - Accent on ItalyCivitivecchia (Rome)Venice
06/13/14CrystalCrystal SymphonyV4313 - Icelandic PassageReykjavikCopenhagen
06/15/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4313 - Venetian & Turkish DelightsVeniceIstanbul
06/22/14CrystalCrystal SerenityV4314 - Echoes of Ancient CivilizationsIstanbulCivitivecchia (Rome)
06/22/14CrystalCrystal SerenityIstanbul to Barcelona Explorer CombinationIstanbulBarcelona
06/24/14CrystalCrystal SymphonyV4214 - White NightsCopenhagenStockholm
07/04/14CrystalCrystal SymphonyV4215 - Regal RealmsStockholmCopenhagen
07/04/14CrystalCrystal SymphonyStockholm to Copenhagen Explorer CombinationStockholmCopenhagen
07/14/14CrystalCrystal SymphonyV4216 - North Cape HarborsCopenhagenCopenhagen
07/14/14CrystalCrystal SymphonyCopenhagen to Stockholm Explorer CombinationCopenhagenStockholm


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