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Cruise Lines sailing to Middle East   Middle East
The Middle East is an extraordinary and fascinating cruise destination. Although the term has in recent years become somewhat synonymous with ideas of political unrest, visitors to the region find it is hard to see why. The ancient birthplace of the major religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism - is today a charming place, both beautiful and curious, where epic histories meet affluent business hubs, oozing with delightful culture and decadent architecture. The Arabian Peninsula has changed beyond all recognition in the past century, thanks mainly to the discovery of oil which has made the small states that make up the region unimaginably wealthy. Prior to this relatively recent development, the Middle East was largely traditional desert with farmers, traders plying their wares across the region and fishermen taking advantage of the fertile Gulf waters. A popular year-round cruise destination, the Middle East has more than enough to offer the luxury cruise passenger. Most cruises around this region incorporate the highlights of northern Africa, commonly making stops at the ports of Egypt, as well as the popular eastern ports in Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.
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