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Cruise Lines sailing to Australia/New Zealand   Australia/New Zealand
An astonishing variety of sights await you: towering peaks, steaming geysers and sprawling vineyards, mighty fjords and quaint villages, vivid coral reefs and — yes — koalas, kiwis and kangaroos. From the Great Barrier Reef to the oldest living civilization, Australia is a land of superlatives. It’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than the Kimberley coast or Ayer’s Rock at sunset. Unless it’s New Zealand with her stunning Lord of the Ring landscapes. New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic is a pelagic wonderland and a ‘hotspot’ of biodiversity.
Sail DateCruiselineShipItineraryEmbarkDisembark
03/19/15PrincessSun Princess13-night New ZealandSydneySydney
04/06/15Royal CaribbeanRhapsody of the Seas11-night QueenslandSydneySydney
04/09/15SilverseaSilver Discoverer9508 - The Kimberley - Australia's Hidden TreasureBroomeDarwin
04/19/15SilverseaSilver Discoverer9509 -The Kimberley - Australia's Hidden TreasureDarwinBroome
04/29/15SilverseaSilver Discoverer9510 -The Kimberley - Australia's Hidden TreasureBroomeDarwin
05/09/15SilverseaSilver Discoverer9511 - The Kimberley - Australia's Hidden TreasureDarwinBroome
05/19/15SilverseaSilver Discoverer9512 - The Kimberley - Australia's Hidden TreasureBroomeDarwin
11/02/15CelebrityCelebrity Solstice12-night New ZealandSydneyAuckland
11/14/15CelebrityCelebrity Solstice12-night New ZealandAucklandSydney
12/04/15CelebrityCelebrity Solstice12-night New ZealandSydneyAuckland
12/16/15CelebrityCelebrity Solstice12-night New ZealandAucklandSydney
12/22/15AzamaraAzamara Quest14-nightBenoaCairns
01/05/16CelebrityCelebrity Solstice14-night New ZealandSydneyAuckland
01/19/16CelebrityCelebrity Solstice14-night New ZealandAucklandSydney
02/02/16CelebrityCelebrity Solstice12-night New ZealandSydneyAuckland
02/14/16CelebrityCelebrity Solstice18-night Australia & New ZealandAucklandPerth
02/17/16CrystalCrystal SerenityV6303 - Australian DiscoverySydneyBali
03/03/16CelebrityCelebrity Solstice17-night Australia's Top EndPerthSydney
03/13/16CelebrityMillennium16-night Asia & AustraliaSingaporeSydney

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