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Review: SCOTTeVEST T5 Sport Coat
Sunday, May 5, 2019  
April 9, 2019 - After nearly 20 years of cruising and well over 100 cruises, I have never found the "perfect" travel sport coat. That is, until now. I recently returned from a 14-night transatlantic sailing aboard Regent Seven Seas Explorer, where gentlemen are not "required", but "expected" to dress "appropriately" after 6pm. I just don't feel comfortable going out in the evening aboard a luxury cruise ship not wearing a jacket.

I recently received a T5 Sport Coat from SCOTTeVEST. When my black 42L T5 Sport Coat arrived, I was immediately impressed by the quality and feel of the materials used in the construction. My first positive experience was when I tried it on and it fit PERFECTLY. However, this is much more than just a nice-looking, well-fitting sport coat. The jacket is loaded with cool features, not the least of which is 19 different pockets!

T5 Sport Coat has 19 pockets!

Three of the pockets are on the outside of the jacket: a left-side breast pocket, and two hip pockets.  These are complemented by 16 other "hidden" pockets on the interior lining of the jacket. There's a pocket large enough to hide a LARGE iPad and another that is perfect for passports and other documents. Everywhere you look inside this jacket, there are handy pockets of varying sizes and shapes.

On the right side of the jacket interior there is one pocket perfectly sized for a wallet or credit card holder, along with two small slots to hold pens.

One clever little pocket is designed to hold eyeglasses and even includes a small microfiber cleaning cloth.

There are more pockets that you would probably ever use at one time, but it is always better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. One advantage to having so many pockets is the ability to store all of your gadgets in the jacket before going through airport security. Your cell phone, iPad, keys, wallet, credit cards, and metal objects that normally need to be removed, can all be placed in the jacket. Then, simply remove the jacket and send it through the x-ray machine! There is even a pocket the entire width of the jacket in the back panel that I can only assume is for carring a small laptop. Yes, it's that big.

The T5 Sport Coat also offers RFID protection, and a small key chain is sewn into one of the pockets. A LOT of thought and engineering has gone into this jacket. The jacket is made of a blend of polyester/rayon and spandex to give it incredible travel chops. I folded the T5 into thirds and packed it in my suitcase. When we arrived on the ship hours later, I hung it up and it instantly regained its shape with no wrinkles!

SCOTTeVEST even claims the jacket has some water-resistant properties, which I did not put to the test. The interior zippers are small enough so that they are not visible from the outside of the jacket. And, the liner (with its repeating SCOTTeVEST logo) is very high quality and comfortable. The zippers and pulls appear to be high-quality, but longer-term testing will have to be done before I can make that claim.

I also have not yet had the jacket dry-cleaned (which is recommended), so I cannot make any claim as to how well it holds up over time. However, at first glance, this appears to be the perfect sport coat for those who travel. It is easy to pack, holds everything you could ever want to carry with you, looks good, and fits perfectly. Is there anything that I don't like about the T5? Yes. I don't like that it only comes in black. I would like to have one in gray, navy and camel!

For more information on the SCOTTeVEST, you can visit their website at

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I have a ScottEVest and and I also have a jacket.
Friday, April 12, 2019 12:00 AM  
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