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Eagle Creek® Pack-It Spectre Travel Organizers
Tuesday, August 8, 2017  

We have been using Eagle Creek original Pack-It™ products for years and have always found them to be quite useful. When we discovered that they had released the new Spectre™ line of Pack-It products, we were very anxious to give them a try.

As you can see from the photo above, the Pack-It is a complete packing system with a wide variety of sizes, shapes (and even colors) to solve a number of packing problems. The first thing we noticed about the new Spectre line of Pack-It products was how light they are. Eagle Creek uses a parachute nylon material which is extremely thin and lightweight, but tough and durable. Weight is paramount when packing, especially when traveling on airlines with strict weight limits.

Spectre products come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes

The garment folder is one of our favorite Pack-It products. I can fit one large and one medium Garment Folder into my large duffle bag. A medium-size garment folder can easily fit into a roll-aboard piece of luggage. Slacks can be folded in half to fit into the garment folder and a handy plastic guide (included) helps you with folding shirts and blouses. I can easily fit two pair of dress slacks and six shirts into a single large garment folder. The garment folder seals with Velcro and is adjustable so that it can hold more, or less, depending on your needs.

Large garment folder packed with two pair of slacks and six shirts

The compression cubes were perfect for packing underwear and socks. The unique zipper wraps around the cube so that it compresses the contents, saving even more space in your luggage.

Wrap-around zipper compresses contents

The Wristlet Set contains two smaller pieces, one of which is the perfect size for holding a standard can of sunscreen!

These bags also have a plastic liner, making them leak/moisture-resistant. These are great for packing liquids and small cosmetic items.

Plastic liner in Wristlet Set

The cube-shaped pieces are great for stuffing just about any sort of item into each one. With everything packed into uniform folders and bags, it is very easy to arrange the Pack-It items in your suitcase.

Pack-It Spectre items fit nicely into any suitcase

Another advantage of the Pack-It system comes into play when you arrive at your destination. You can simply remove the Pack-It containers and throw them into a dresser drawer or on a shelf at your hotel or cruise ship. This is what I do with the Pack-It Cube that I use for socks and underwear. I carry an empty Pack-It cube to hold dirty items for the trip home.

There are dozens of different shapes and sizes of Pack-It Specter products, and Eagle Creek has just introduced a line of Pack-It Spectre Tech products to complement the ones we tested. Perhaps we will have an opportunity to test some of those in the near future! Click for details.

The Spectre Starter Set contains a medium garment folder, a cube and a half-cube for $58.95. It is a great way to try out the Pack-It system for yourself, but beware, you will soon be ordering more once you become accustomed to the convenience of the Pack-It way of packing.

Starter Set

As I said at the beginning of this review, we have been using the Eagle Creek Pack-It system for years. The Spectre line is even better than the original. Each piece is lighter, tougher and more flexible than other Pack-It systems. We will never travel without them!

For more information, click here

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