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A Day At Sea
Monday, April 24, 2017   Related topics:
We are disembarking Viking Sea tomorrow morning in Cherbourg, France, a few days before the ship completes her 15-night itinerary. It was the only way we could make it to our next media assignment. A few days after we boarded Viking Sea, we notified Guest Services of our intention to disembark in Cherbourg and they have been very accommodating.  Since today is a day "at sea", we wanted to do some more exploring of the ship, take a few final photos and start compiling notes for our final review. And, of course, we have to pack!

As we walk around the ship today, we take notice of all the little special details that make Viking Ocean ships unique. For example, a "gangway button" in the elevator makes it simple for guests to get to the correct deck for disembarkation. It's not a big thing, but little things often add up to make a big thing.

Afternoon Tea in Wintergarden is a special treat. Held every day at 4:00pm, the tea service is one of the nicest you will find on any ship.

Impromptu performances by the ship's entertainment staff are also a special treat. We enjoyed one such performance today in the atrium. Katrina and Alexandra both sang some of their favorite songs with Jorem accompanying them on the piano.

Guests fill the atrium to hear Alexandra (and Katrina) sing

After dinner this evening in The Restaurant, we were just hanging out in the Living Room when all of a sudden we heard lively music in the atrium and out comes Petr and Jade for a "pop-up" performance of ballroom dance! The cruise has been filled with little lagniappes like this (Google it).

Petr and Jade treat us to a "pop-up" performance

Even though we need to pack for our disembarkation tomorrow, we cannot imagine missing Cruise Director, Heather Clancy's (that's C-L-A-N-C-Y) performance tonight in The Star Theater. I doubt that anyone besides Rickee and I noticed when she was introduced as "Heather Cluney", a not-so-subtle dig at how we accidentally misspelled her name in our first blog post. No matter how you spell or pronounce her name, Ms. Clancy always delivers a powerful performance. And, tonight was no exception.

Heather Clancy (aka "Cluney") performs at The Star Theater (sorry, I had to do it)

It has been an incredible last day aboard Viking Sea. We have thoroughly enjoyed the past nine days. But, for the whole story of our experience, you will have to wait a couple of weeks until we post our final in-depth review. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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