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Cadiz, Spain (At Sea)
Thursday, April 20, 2017   Related topics:

It is about 7:45am and I am in Explorers' Lounge working on our blog when the Captain makes his announcement. Viking Sea will be unable to make her scheduled call to Cadiz, Spain, due to rough seas and high winds. It has been a pretty rough night with 75+mph winds and rough seas tossing the ship around. However, we have experienced much worse. Immediately after the Captain's announcement, Heather Clancy, our Cruise Director, assured us that a new daily schedule was in the works and would be delivered to our staterooms soon. We are disappointed to miss Cadiz since we have never been there before. But, as the Captain pointed out, safety comes first.

A revised Viking Daily arrives

As promised, a new Viking Daily schedule arrived later this morning. However, they were a little sneaky and also included the dreaded Disembarkation Questionnaire along with it. Yuck! Who wants to think about disembarking?

Disembarkation Questionnaire

We skip past the Disembarkation Questionnaire since we are not disembarking in Bergen, Norway. We will be leaving Viking Sea a few days early in Cherbourg, France, so that we can make our way to Valletta for another media assignment.

As the Captain turns the ship toward Lisbon, Portugal, the seas are still pretty choppy and after spending a few hours in Explorers' Lounge, one of the highest and most forward places on the ship, I am ready to return to the relative calm of our Deck 4 aft stateroom. In fact, a mid-morning nap might be in order until the seas calm down a bit. After my nap, I decide to give the Pool Grill another try by following General Manager Sujith and Heather's recommendation to try the Pancho Villa burger.

Pancho Villa burger at Pool Grill Camera and Lens RentalThe Pancho Villa is a burger with blue cheese, guacamole, and habanero aioli. Not being a fan of blue cheese, I ordered mine with cheddar instead. While I took Sujith and Heather's advice on ordering Pancho Villa, I ignored their suggestion of eating the burger without the bun. My first bite resulted in a stream of guacamole and aioli exiting the bottom of the burger. So, unless you are attempting to re-create a scene from the Exorcist, it is best to enjoy this burger sans bun.

This afternoon, Rickee and I decided to do something very 'out of character' for us. We went to an HD movie presentation of La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera. I have never been to an opera, so thankfully, there were subtitles. Otherwise, I am not sure I would have any clue as to what was going on. But, I actually enjoyed it! Maybe there's hope for me yet?

After the movie, we decided to give Afternoon Tea a try. Tea is held every day at 4pm in Wintergarden, a beautiful indoor/outdoor space located on Deck 7 just forward of the pool. This has to be one of the most beautiful places on the ship and the perfect spot for afternoon tea. A tiered tea service tray with a variety of sweet and savory delights is placed before us. A wide variety of teas are offered and a waiter takes our order. Soon, our tea arrives and we enjoy the quiet, sophisticated tradition of afternoon tea. I can't resist one of the warm scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Delicious.

At 5:00pm, we make our way to the main staircase for an impromptu musical presentation featuring male singers Brian and Carver, accompanied by resident pianist Jorem Lin. Pillows have been placed on the staircase for makeshift seating for this unique event.

Jorem, Carver and Brian

We thoroughly enjoy the vocal talents of Carver and Brian, and Jorem is an excellent pianist as well. This performance was an unexpected treat and one that everyone in attendance seemed to really enjoy. After the show, we have just enough time to head back to our stateroom to get ready for the 6:30 Les Artistes de Paris show in Torshavn lounge. Man, there's a LOT of great entertainment on this ship!


Yesterday, we enjoyed The Rat Pack Revisited with the male singers. Well, now it's the ladies' turn to show off their vocals with Les Artistes de Paris. And, show off they did! I arrived early so I could get us seats front and center, and I am glad I did. Katrina, Alexandra and Alexis pulled out all the stops and put on an excellent show. Damn, these girls can sing! Individually, they are each very talented. But, they also harmonize beautifully. It was a show well worth seeing.

Alexis, Alexandra and Katrina in Les Artistes de Paris

To say that we have been overwhelmed by the entertainment on Viking Sea would be an understatement. Rickee and I rarely even go to the shows on most cruise ships. I don't think we have missed a single show on this sailing. After Les Artistes de Paris, we grab a quick dinner at World Cafe before the next sensory delight. Not being fans of cruise ship buffets, we have nevertheless found a spot in our hearts for World Cafe. Perhaps it is the cocktail shrimp that is available every night? Perhaps the á la minute preparations offered?

Items can be ordered at World Cafe which are prepared á la minute

No, it's the shrimp.

We chose World Cafe tonight because we want to make sure we get good seats for tonight's show. Our resident Diva (aka Cruise Director) Heather Clancy is going to be showing off her operatic skills in The Stars Theater. We arrive early, as do many guests. However, we luck out with seats right in the front and center of the theater.

The stage is set for Heather Clancy's performance

Mezzo-soprano Heather Clancy has earned critical acclaim around the globe for her performances of Lola in Damn Yankees, Irene in Crazy for You, Gilbert & Sullivan’s comic foils in H.M.S.Pinafore (Hebe) and the Mikado (Pitti-Sing), Kate in Madame Butterfly, Flora in Verdi’s La Traviata, Dorabella in Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutti, as well as Bizet’s title character Carmen, just to mention a few. As soon as she takes the stage this evening, she has the capacity crowd mesmerized by her rich and powerful voice.

Heather Clancy

Ms. Clancy's musical performances are intertwined with her genuine sense of humor. Yes, she is talented AND funny. Viking Cruises has found a real treasure in Heather Clancy. She is unquestionably the most talented cruise director with whom we have ever sailed. Everyone was blown away by her performance and we all rose to our feet to show our appreciation at the end of the show.

It has been quite an entertaining day aboard Viking Sea. I don't think anyone even remembers that we were supposed to be in Cadiz today. Kudos to Viking Cruises for adapting to unforeseen conditions.

Tomorrow, we will be in Lisbon, Portugal.

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