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Malaga, Spain
Wednesday, April 19, 2017   Related topics:

This morning, Viking Sea is docked at the port of Málaga, Spain (Granada). The view from the upper deck reveals a bustling industrial port complex. The modern cruise terminal handles up to 400 cruise ships per year!

The view of Málaga from Deck 8 Camera and Lens RentalToday, we have booked the ship's included walking tour of Málaga at 2:00pm. Viking offered the tour at several different times, beginning as early as 8:30am. This allows guests to choose a departure time to fit their schedule rather than the cruise ship's. We never turn down an opportunity to sleep a little later, so we chose the last tour time.

After an enjoyable lunch at World Cafe, we disembarked Viking Sea at 12:45 and walked through the cruise terminal to meet our local guide, Carmen, and board the waiting motor coach. As we drove through the city, our guide told us  various interesting historical facts about Málaga, none of which I am capable of remembering. We did make a brief photo stop at the Three Graces fountain.

Three Graces Fountain, Málaga

Our first stop was the top of a nearby mountain where we were able to get an amazing view of the city from above.

Rickee points to the city of Málaga from the mountain

After our mountain visit, the bus takes us back down to the center of the city where the walking tour commenced. Like many cities in Europe, Málaga is a very easy city to explore on foot. As we walk through town, Rickee stays close to our guide since we forgot to bring our Quietvox units with us!

At the end of the tour, we had about 40 minutes of "free time" to do some souvenir shopping, have a cup of coffee in a local cafe, or just do some more exploring on our own. The tour lasted about three hours and was quite interesting. So far, we have been impressed with the quality of the included tours.

We are back on board Viking Sea at 5:15pm and begin getting ready for the Rat Pack Revisited show at 6:30pm. The show features the three male singers on board and pays homage to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. The show is held in Torshavn lounge on Deck 2.

Cruise Director, Heather Clancy, introduces the Rat Pack

When Brian, Jason and Carver take the stage, guests are treated to a collection of favorite songs from the three crooners.

Brian, Carver and Jason make up the new Rat Pack on Viking Sea

During the show, each of the singers took an opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the female audience members.

Brian gets up-close and personal

We had to leave the show a little early to make a 7:00pm dinner reservation at the Chef's Table. Tonight, we were invited to dine with Hotel Manager, Sujith Mohan, and Cruise Director, Heather Clancy, along with a few other invited guests. Tonight's menu featured flavors of the West Indies. The dishes were inventive, aromatic and delicious. The Spicy Tuna Tataki was one of my personal favorites.

Spicy Tuna Tataki, our first course

During dinner, we had a chance to learn quite a bit about Viking Cruises from Sujith and Heather. They were gracious hosts and very engaging. Proving that the more you travel, the smaller the world gets, I sat next to a gentlemen who graduated from my high school in Midland, Texas! What are the odds?

After dinner, we barely have time to get to The Star Theater for tonight's show, Song & Dance, highlighting the vocal talents of the three female singers on board and the dancing of the two talented ballroom dancers.

Katrina, Alexis and Alexandra performing Song and Dance

The ballroom dancers are nothing short of amazing. The action is so fast that my camera can barely keep up. At one point, Petr does a mid-air split that has him hovering at least 5 feet above the stage!

Petr and Jade

We end the day once again with some incredible entertainment from the Viking Sea singers and dancers. Tomorrow, Viking Sea is scheduled to be in Cadiz, Spain, weather permitting.
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