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A Day At Sea
Tuesday, April 18, 2017   Related topics:
Who doesn't love a day at sea? Especially when the seas are calm and the weather is nice. And, while it is not warm enough to put the finishing touches on your Mediterranean tan, it is certainly nice enough for many to occupy the comfortable lounge chairs surrounding the pool.

Enjoying a day at sea in Explorers' Lounge

Now that we have been aboard Viking Sea for a couple of days, we are getting the "lay of the land", so to speak. All restaurants are aft, on Decks 1,2 or 7, with the exception of Mamsen's on Deck 7 forward. Entertainment venues are forward on Decks 2 and 7. Guest Services and Shore Excursions are on Deck 1 midships. Bars and lounges are scattered throughout the ship. There are four elevators aft and two forward, both with stairs.

Forward elevators

This morning, Executive Chef Eric conducted a cooking demonstration in The Star Theater on Deck 2 forward showing guests how to prepare Paella, a Spanish rice dish which usually contains a variety of seafood. The elevated stage makes it impossible to see what the chef is preparing but the overhead camera and massive video display at the back of the stage allows guests to see his every move.

Chef Eric prepares Paella Camera and Lens RentalAfter the cooking demo, I meet Rickee at Explorers' Lounge for Team Trivia. We join another couple from Texas (apparently, there are quite a few Texans on board) and one other gentlemen to form a 5-person team. We did not win, but made a respectable showing. After lunch, we decided to return to The Star Theater for a movie. Today, the ship is showing Cirque du Soleil World's Away in 3D. We picked up our 3D glasses, along with a bag of popcorn, on the way into the theater. We love Cirque du Soleil, so we really enjoyed the movie.

Early this evening, we decided to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine in The Living Room on Deck 1. This is another one of our favorite places aboard Viking Sea. We watched the huge video screen display a variety of "Munch Moments". The two-deck-high screen at the top of the huge staircase is the centerpiece of the ship.

Munch Moments displayed on the lobby screen

We decide to have a light dinner this evening, so the World Cafe is the perfect choice. The buffet is open from 6pm until 9pm each evening and offers a wide variety. We are pleased to find the cocktail shrimp, crab legs and Sushi, all of which are quite good, by the way.

Sushi at World Cafe is very good

After dinner, we are back at The Star Theater for tonight's performance, Songscape --An Operatic Fantasy. Once again, we were completely blown away by the entertainment. The vocalists are perhaps the best we have ever experienced on a cruise ship. And, we have experienced quite a few.

It has been a wonderful day at sea aboard Viking Sea. Tomorrow, the ship will dock in Malaga, Spain.

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