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WorldSIM™ International SIM Card
Wednesday, September 27, 2017   Related topics:

What You Need

  • An unlocked phone with a slot or tray for a SIM card.
  • One of the compatible SIM cards obtained through the WorldSIM website (

We performed our tests using a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Our Background

We use Tracfone, a "pay-as-you-go" provider that does not require a contract. We recently purchased two unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones which we connected to the Tracfone network. It works perfectly for us since we only use our phones for business, and even then, sporadically. Unlike many, we do not "live" on our cell phones. Nevertheless, when we travel overseas, we have struggled to stay connected. Rickee purchased an international cell phone a few years ago which works but is VERY expensive and complicated to use. Plus, it is not a smartphone, so using apps like Google Maps is out. It can cost up to $6 a minute to use to make a phone call! However, before we purchased our smartphones, this was our only viable option.


The WorldSIM card comes with no manual, but there are a few instructions printed on the enclosure found in the envelope in which the card was delivered. I went to the WorldSIM website ( where I located a Register link. Registration requires the entry of the Mobile Phone Number and the PUK number, both of which are printed on the back of the SIM card holder.

Mobile Number and PUK are printed on card

After setting up a password for the account and logging in, you are ready to install the SIM.

WorldSIM International SIM CardInstalling the SIM

The SIM comes in three sizes on a pre-perforated card. The size you require will depend on your device. Our Samsung phone uses the smallest (Nano) SIM. To install the card, you will need to remove your existing SIM card and replace it with the WorldSIM SIM card. Check your device's manual for more information on how to remove/install SIM cards.

Using The International SIM Card

You can view vital information about your account through the WorldSIM website after you have successfully logged into your account.

Even though the WorldSIM includes both UK and USA phone numbers with the International SIM Card, only the UK number shows on the website. To obtain the USA phone number, you must dial #160 on your cell phone (with the SIM installed) and WorldSIM sends you a text revealing the US phone number.

Text shows US Number

You can view all activity on the SIM account from the website by logging in and clicking on the (UK) phone number to reveal detail:

Call history available through WorldSIM website

Making a phone call from Europe

Our first test was to place a phone call from Barcelona, Spain, to the USA. After installing the SIM and turning on the phone, it took about 15 minutes for the phone to acquire a cell network. Placing the call requires the use of the +1 in front of the number. In other words, if you calling 212-123-4567, you must dial +1-212-123-4567. The plus (+) sign can be entered by holding down the phone's zero (0) key.

Note: I learned that we were able to obtain a network connection much quicker by manually going into our phone's Settings/Connections/Mobile Networks (Android) and selecting a Network Operator. You can see a list of the WorldSIM partners on their website click here.

Once the network provider was selected and activated, phone calls were simple to make and call quality was as good or better than with any cell provider in the USA. In fact, one call I made from Paris to a person in the USA was so clear that the recipient did not believe I was calling from a foreign country! We were always able to obtain a network connection during our three-week cruise as long as we were in port. Sending/Receiving texts was also seamless.


The WorldSIM calling card is free. All you pay are the usage fees (per call, per text, per MB of data).

Placing a call from USA to USA is $0.18 per minute
Placing a call from SPAIN to USA is $0.22 per minute
Receiving a call while in USA is FREE
Receiving a call while in SPAIN is FREE
Sending/receiving a text from USA to SPAIN is $0.23
Sending/receiving a text from SPAIN to SPAIN is $0.08
Sending/receiving a text from SPAIN to USA is $0.08

WorldSIM rates are considerably lower than the rates of a competitor's SIM card that we also tested during the same trip. In fact, they are an average of 30% lower. A phone call from Spain to the USA with the Brand X card is $0.35/minute compared to only $0.22 with WorldSIM. And, receiving a call in Spain with Brand X is still $0.35/minute compared to FREE with WorldSIM. Rates are similar to those in Spain when in France and Italy.

The disparity over rates for data use (Internet) are less significant. WorldSIM charges $0.23/mb while Brand X  charges $0.25/mb. Data rates in the USA are much lower, only $0.10 per MB.

Hands down, WorldSIM was the low-cost provider during our testing. And, we could not see any difference in quality or reliability of phone calls, text or data.


Even though the initial set up of the WorldSIM International card was a little clumsy, their website is well designed and has a lot of good information in case you need assistance. They could benefit from an app where you could check your balance/recharge account, etc. However, the low cost of the WorldSIM makes it a very compelling choice. When we travel internationally, we always do so with two Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones*. From now on, at least one of them will have the WorldSIM International SIM card installed. This is a travel tech item that no international traveler should leave home without. We highly recommend it.

WorldSIM also sells a variety of tablets and Dual SIM phones - see here for latest models.

For more information visit their website at

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One Comment
I ordered the bundle from with 1GB when travelling to US. First issue I faced was that I couldn't get internet working on my phone. So I had to spend around 40min in the airport where was the free wi-fi to consult with support in chat so they could enable the data for me and I could start using it. After using around 500MB the internet stopped working. I had to find wi-fi and contact support (because I couldn't call the support) and they told me that my bundle is over. Ok, I thought maybe it's some mistake, so I ordered another bundle (had to pay more for it somehow, as initial price isn't available when you top-up). And again, after another ~500MB the internet was shut down. Support told me again, that I've used whole 1GB. They told me that's because they count sessions in 1MB increment. I don't know how this works, but buying 500MB from my provider for the same price got me the same results, as my provider counts data correctly and if I buy 500MB, I can use 500MB, not the half. AVOID this scam company ( if you can. Buying any pre-paid card in US would be cheaper for me in any way, but I didn't know how ***py this company is. Next time I'll use my provider's internet or will look for pre-paid cards in the destination country AND WILL NEVER USE THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 12:00 AM  
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