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Day At Sea
Tuesday, January 17, 2017   Related topics:

We love days at sea...calm days at sea that is. Unfortunately, today the seas decided to play it rough. With 10-foot swells and high winds, Azamara Quest is getting its share of motion. In spite of the sea's attempt to keep everyone in their staterooms, guests shrugged off the motion and took part in the ship's myriad of activities. I stopped by the card room on Deck 10 to pick up my laptop (on loan to the Bridge lecturer) and was amazed to find a sizable crowd gathered to learn more about the card game.

Jim conducts two bridge lectures each day at sea

Rickee and I subjected ourselves to more humiliation at Team Trivia, even though I think we did a bit better today than yesterday. By the time we got to The Patio for lunch, the place was packed. I had my heart set on a cheeseburger, so after I placed my order, we found a table for two inside Windows Cafe and asked if they would deliver the burger there, which our waiter gladly did. The burger was as good as I remembered from our last cruise but, unfortunately, so were the onion rings. They could still use some improvement.

There are so many things going on that you have to plan your day. There are dance classes, wine tastings, lectures, bridge lectures, stretching classes, Mah-Jongg (whatever that is), a scavenger hunt, trivia, etc., etc. And of course, the most popular activity of all, just laying out in the sun by the pool. We enjoy team trivia and an occasional lecture. Today's lecture was "The Panama Canal: The First 500 Years" conducted by Dr. Dave Roberts. If the weather were better, RIckee would be out on our balcony reading.

Dr. Dave Roberts lectures on the Panama Canal

One of our favorite places to hang out is The Living Room on Deck 10. Even though there is more motion there on rough sea days because of its location, you can't beat the view. And, at around 5pm each day, they set up a very nice tapas bar. Once the food comes out, the place begins to fill up quickly.

Tapas served each evening in The Living Room

After 6pm, Simon shows up to entertain guests with his guitar.

Simon entertains guests in The Living Room

We filled up on the excellent tapas in The Living Room and decided to skip dinner this evening. We have a lot of specialty dining scheduled for later in the cruise, so we are trying to save up some room for all the food to come. Before going to the evening show, we stopped by Spirits on Deck 5 (formerly Casino Bar). The bar waiter confirmed what we already suspected, that if you ask for it, you can enjoy a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, which we did.

This evening we enjoyed the 8:15 show in The Cabaret Lounge, "Who Wrote The Songs," performed by the Quest Singers and Dancers.

The show featured some great vocals and lively dance routines. The show lounge does not do justice to the entertainers. If you want a good view of the show, you really have to show up early and get a seat near the stage. This is an old-school show "lounge", not a theater like on many of the newer ships, so there is no tiered seating. Nevertheless, the quality of the entertainers and musicians makes up for the theater's shortcomings. We look forward to the next show.

Tomorrow, Azamara Quest will be docked in Cartegena, Columbia. We have arranged for a Segway Tour on our own and the ship has something special planned for tomorrow night, so stay tuned.

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