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Star Pride - St. George's, Grenada
Saturday, November 19, 2016   Related topics:

This morning, Star Pride is docked in St. George's, Grenada.

Star Pride docked in St. George's, Grenada

We have been here at least twice before on other cruises, so we already have the souvenirs. Therefore, shopping is not the priority today. This morning, we have booked a Clear-Bottom Kayak excursion through the ship's Shore Excursion Desk.

But, before we head off on our excursion, my day begins at around 5:30 am with a couple of hours of sifting through the previous day's photos, uploading to Instagram, writing a blog, etc., etc. I have found the perfect spot on board Star Pride to get this done each morning. The Yacht Club on Deck 8 forward is quiet, has good lighting, and is very comfortable. Also, the WiFi connection is good here! As you can see in the photo below, I bring everything I need: my own coffee (Einstein's Winter Blend Coffee) , a French press, my Atkin's protein bar and my MacBook Pro!

My morning workstation in Yacht Club

After my blogging duties are complete, for the morning at least, I meet up with Rickee for our 8:30 am excursion. We meet in the Lounge on Deck 5 where Gonzalo divides up the groups according to the excursions selected. Complimentary beach towels and bottled water are available for guests.

Towels and bottle water


After disembarking the vessel, we walk through the cruise terminal gates and meet "Daddy Pops", our minivan driver for today.

Daddy Pops' minivan

After we all climb aboard the minivan, Daddy Pops drives us to the other side of the island where we will begin our kayaking excursion. Along the way, we pass by dozens of local merchants selling fruits and vegetables along the side of the road. We also pass by the city's fish market.

Local merchants in Grenada

Soon, we arrive at the beach location for our excursion. Fortunately, the water looks pretty calm today. After meeting our guides for the day, we put on life vests and board the two-person, clear-bottom kayaks. We paddle and follow our guide along the designated route.

Paddling our way along the coast of Grenada

Whenever we go kayaking, I always sit in the back so that I can shoot video or take photos of Rickee from behind. Plus, I can stop paddling and let her do all the work without her knowing it!

Rickee does the heavy lifting on the way out

We paddled for what seemed like three miles, but was probably closer to a mile, when the guides began to point and direct us to hidden treasures under the water. About 20 feet below the surface, in several locations, are dozens of buried statues. An artist created the statues using concrete and fiberglass and had them placed on the ocean floor. This makes this area a popular dive/snorkel spot. I was able to get my GoPro underwater to get a few photos.

A ring of statues standing tall on the ocean floor

There are a dozen or more statues or sculptures placed randomly throughout the area. Some are groups of statues (like the one shown above) and others are individuals in a variety of poses. After spending about 45 minutes looking through the clear bottom kayaks at the statues, we started the long trek back to our starting point.

We paddle back close to the shoreline

Paddling back was more strenuous than paddling out. Perhaps a slight current was working against us. Needless to say, our arms and shoulders were burning by the time we got back. Windstar warns that this excursion is moderate to strenuous, but we would have to say it is more on the strenuous side of the equation. When we got back to the starting point, we were greeted with delicious rum punch (or beer, for those who preferred).

Daddy Pops picked us up around 11:30 and we were back on board Star Pride in time for lunch at Veranda. Today, they had some delicious Korean BBQ pork on the buffet. Rickee opted for the hot dog from the á la carte menu.

Hot Dog served at Veranda

After lunch, we spent most of the afternoon in the sun on Deck 8. And today, there's a LOT of sun. Actually, Rickee spends time in the sun, and I spend time under the umbrella.

By late afternoon, the ship's crew was working hard to convert Deck 7 and 8 into a venue for tonight's signature Deck BBQ. Tables and chairs replaced the sun loungers.

Tables set for the Deck BBQ

Just as the sun was beginning to set, guests started to arrive for the Deck BBQ. We found a nice little table for two on Deck 8 overlooking the ocean. We were even able to snap some sunset photos.

You have to snap a sunset photo when you have the opportunity

The weather is perfect tonight for a BBQ on deck. The galley brigade has prepared every dish imaginable for the event. Grilled steak, lamb, lobster, a roasted whole pig, and a gigantic paella pan filled with rice and seafood.

Roasted whole pig

If you love Paella, you are in luck!

The BBQ was a huge hit with every guest from what we could see. And, everything was very well prepared and delicious. Rickee especially liked the shrimp cocktail.

Rickee attacks the cocktail shrimp

After dinner, Windstar invited a local group of entertainers on board to perform steel drum music. It was a fun and festive evening filled with good food and good entertainment.

Tomorrow, Star Pride will be anchored off the coast of Tobago.

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