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LOKSAK® Waterproof Storage Bags Review
Friday, June 23, 2017  


You might find it hard to get excited about a clear plastic bag, that is, until you have an expensive camera or cell phone damaged by the elements. And, aLOKSAK® is much more than just a 'plastic bag.' On a recent trip to Hawaii, which was going to involve snorkeling and kayaking, we started looking for ways to protect our cell phone, iPad and other gear from the elements. What we found was LOKSAK.

At first glance the aLOKSAK waterproof bags look like a ZipLoc bag you might buy at the grocery store. However, upon further inspection, you see that aLOKSAK bags are much thicker (6 mil). These bags have a patented side seal and patented end seal. And, the patented Hermetic Seal insures that once you close the bag, no water will enter. Being the skeptic that I am, before entrusting the aLOKSAK with my iPad, I tested the bags by placing facial tissue inside two of the bags, sealing them, then immersing them underwater in my sink for 15 minutes. After removing the bags from the water, the tissue inside was completely dry. Test passed!

aLOKSAK keeps out sand and water on the beach in Hawaii

When we went snorkeling in Hawaii, we used an aLOKSAK to hold tissue and a cell phone. The phone's touch screen is accessible through the clear plastic and you can make a call through the bag. You can even use your cell phone's (or iPad's) camera to shoot pictures through the bag.

The aLOKSAK bags come in a a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit all kinds of gear. They even have bags that can be attached to a lanyard. The bags are waterproof to 200 feet and are certified for SCUBA diving. This is one of those items that you should never be without when on a cruise. Whether you are planning to spend time at the beach in the Caribbean, in the snow in Antarctica, or just at the swimming pool or hot tub on the ship, these bags are invaluable. As a motorcyclist, I also plan to use these bags for those times when I ride in the rain to keep important papers (registration, insurance info, etc.) dry in my pocket.

The aLOKSAK bags passed every test we could throw at them, from sand to water to lava rock. From now on, we will not travel without them!

For more information on LOKSAK, visit their website at

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