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The Sugar Factory, Miami Beach
Tuesday, August 2, 2016   Related topics:

Our visit to The Sugar Factory Miami started off with a brief tour of the "candy store". This is every kid's dream, regardless of age. Candy, cupcakes, lollipops, ice cream, you name it. If it can create cavities and raise blood sugar levels, The Sugar Factory has it! But this Sugar Factory is much more than just a sweet tooth sanctuary, it is also a full restaurant, hence the term "American Brasserie."

The Sugar Factory's iconic red umbrellas can be seen outside of Hotel Victor on Miami Beach

We were seated at a great table on the patio with a view of the ocean, albeit obstructed by huge red umbrellas. We had the opportunity to try many of the signature drinks and dishes during our visit. We started with two of their signature 60 oz. "Goblet" cocktails. These monster drinks can easily be shared by two (or more) people. Lollipop Passion was our favorite of the two with its distinct melon flavors. Ocean Blue will be a popular choice for kids (offered without alcohol) because of the gummi sharks swimming in its blue "waters".

Ocean Blue and Lollipop Passion are two Sugar Factory signature Goblets

When the goblets are served at the table, the drink is poured over the ice, which includes a small amount of dry ice. The result is a smoking, bubbling cauldron of goodness that is as much fun to watch as it is to drink! Next, it was time for Martinis. The Sour Apple Lolli martini is rimmed with bubble gum pop rocks. Who thinks up this stuff? The S'Mores martini combines the flavors of marshmallow and chocolate with a graham cracker rim. Both martinis were exceptionally good.

Rickee checks out the lollipop in the Sour Apple Lolli martini

As if we have not already had enough sugar, next we are treated to two huge milkshakes. The Red Velvet Shake was my personal favorite, heaped with whipped cream and chunks of red velvet cake. I can honestly say it was the best milkshake I have ever had, and I have had a quite a few! The Chocolate Cookie Jar shake was no slouch, however, made with vanilla ice cream and blended with Oreo cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, caramel, and chocolate sauce then topped with Oreo cookies and whipped cream. I gained 3 pounds just typing all of that!

Milkshakes are huge and delicious

Just so we could say we had a healthy meal, we tried a tossed green salad with salmon and vinaigrette. The salad was probably our least favorite item we tried, probably because we are not big salmon fans, but the lettuce also seemed to be somewhat limp. Things picked up considerably, though, when the Jalapeno Cheeseburger  and Fried Chicken arrived.

Jalapeno cheeseburger and fries

The burger was cooked perfectly medium and was slathered with nacho cheese and slices of jalapeno peppers. The toasted bun was fresh and very good. Overall, it is a very good burger, but I would prefer it with melted sliced cheese instead of the liquid "Cheese Whiz" nacho cheese. The fries were hot, crisp and very good. The fried chicken reminded me of the "broasted" chicken we used to get when we were kids. The chicken was very crisp, but not greasy. It was served with a side of Mac and Cheese that was quite tasty.

Our meal ended with a couple of decadent desserts. The S'mores Crepe filled with toasted marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and
melted chocolate chunks is topped with vanilla ice cream. This delicious dessert crepe can easily be shared by two or more people. Another shareable dessert is one that I cannot even find on the menu, but it was two huge chocolate brownies with a scoop of ice cream in the middle, kind of like a brownie ice cream sandwich.

S'mores crepe can be shared by two or more

I can honestly say that after lunch at The Sugar Factory, I am on a bullet train to diabetes. But hey, what a way to go! Sure, The Sugar Factory is a bit touristy, but so what? It is safe to say that no visit to Miami Beach would be complete without a visit to The Sugar Factory.

As for our ratings on a scale of 5, with 5 being the best:

  • Drinks: 5
  • Food: 3
  • Desserts: 5
  • Service: 5

But the fun factor gets a score of 10! For more information on The Sugar Factory Miami, visit their website.

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