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Taxi Tours Lisbon - Lisbon, Portugal
Sunday, September 6, 2015  

On a recent cruise which embarked in Lisbon, Portugal we were in need of a transfer from our hotel to the ship. We like to have all of our transfers pre-arranged before we leave the country. So, after some searching on the Internet, we found Taxi Tours Lisbon. Taxi Tours Lisbon offers a full range of transfer services, perfect for cruisers who will need to get from the airport to their hotel or to the port. But wait, there's more! Taxi Tours Lisbon also offers half-day and full-day private car tours (from 49€). So, even if your cruise makes a port call in Lisbon, why not book a half-day private car tour for less than what the cruise line charges for a crowded bus tour? On a private tour, you can stop to take photos when you want to, stay longer or shorter at a specific landmark, etc. You are in control! On our next visit to Lisbon, we will be booking a tour of the city with Taxi Tours Lisbon.

On this trip, we were only in need of a simple transfer. Our driver, Paolo, arrived right on time at our hotel. Our luggage was loaded into his new Mercedes sedan and we were soon on our way to the pier. The drive from our hotel was only about 15 minutes, but it is nice having a private car arranged in advance. It is one less thing to worry about when traveling.  

Paolo with Taxi Tours Lisbon

If your cruise embarks/disembarks in Lisbon, or even if you are just there for the day on your cruise itinerary, contact Taxi Tours Lisbon for any transfer or tour needs. You can reach them through their website at:

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