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European River Cruise Showdown
Saturday, July 9, 2016  

When it comes to selecting a European river cruise, which one is the best? The popularity of river cruising is outpacing that of the overall cruise industry, which is growing quite nicely in its own right. Just look at how many new river boats have been launched in the past two years; the number is staggering! But, which company is the best? How do these different river cruise lines compare to one another? Since 2014, we sailed with four top river cruise brands: Viking River Cruises, Tauck, AMA Waterways and, most recently, Uniworld.

The ships we sailed on for comparison were Tauck's MS Inpsire, AmaWaterways' AmaReina, Viking River Cruises' Viking Longship Hlin and Uniworld's SS Catherine. All three boats were less than one year old (at the time of our sailing). All three cruise lines include complimentary excursions at each port. The Viking Longship is the largest of the four with a guest capacity of 190 while Tauck's MS Inspire caters to only 130. Sizewise, the AmaReina and SS Catherine fall in between with a maximum of 164/159 guests respectively. All but Viking offer guests complimentary use of bicycles while the ship is docked, making these good choices for those who like to explore European cities on two wheels. All three cruise lines provide guests with complimentary use of audio VOX listening devices for use when on tour.

Of the four, Tauck and Uniworld are "all-inclusve" with cruise fares that include all gratuities, airport transfers, and all beverages, including cocktails. Tauck also includes some very nice 'special events' that occur off the ship. All four ships offered complimentary Wi-Fi and, on all, the Internet access was hit-or-miss. All four offer complimentary wine with lunch and dinner. Viking River Cruises pours the same red and white each day, while the others change their selections each day. All but Uniworld were recognized in our 2014 Editors' Choice Awards. Tauck grabbed six "Best" awards, Viking River Cruises took five and AmaWaterways only one. However, it should be noted that AmaWaterways was very, very close to taking top honors in at least three other categories. Our Uniworld sailing was in 2015, so did not qualify for the 2014 awards.

Food and Dining (1st Place: Uniworld SS Catherine, 2nd Place tie: AmaReina and Tauck MS Inspire, 3rd Place: Viking Hlin)

In actuality, all four of these ships had good food. Viking River Cruises has improved greatly in this area since our first cruise on Viking Danube back in 2003. Tauck has always had very good dining. And, the pastries and soups on AmaReina got high enough marks to tie with Tauck in the food and dining category. The service in the dining room on SS Catherine and AmaReina was a bit slow at times, but when it came to food quality combined with excellent regional wines, SS Catherine was the best of the group. SS Catherine was also the only one of the four with a Sommelier (wine steward) on board. And, Laurentia was not just any Sommelier. She was very active in explaining the different regional wines offered each evening.

Even the lowly 'always available' New York Strip on SS Catherine was superb

Alternate Dining (1st Place: Uniworld SS Catherine, 2nd Place: Tauck MS Inspire, 3rd Place: AmaReina, 4th Place: Viking Hlin)

Arthur's Steakhouse on MS Inspire was the best alternate dining venue of the bunch until we dined in the Leopard Bar on SS Catherine. Both venues had exceptional food and service. The "Prime Rib" we ordered in Arthur's actually turned out to be a Rib Eye steak (same cut of meat, but different cooking method). After we pointed out the discrepancy between the menu and the food delivered, the menus were corrected for the remainder of the cruise. While Arthur's has a traditional steakhouse menu, the Leopard Bar offers a degustation menu with a set selection. The five-course dinner in Leopard Bar was near perfection.

The Leopard Bar transforms into an elegant alternate dining venue on select evenings

The Chef's Table restaurant on AmaReina is more like an upscale, 5-star dining experience. Unfortunately, our meal was interrupted with a large group sailing together that sort of took over the dining room with their announcements, killing the otherwise romantic mood of this intimate space. The dishes served were very ambitious, and some were hits while others were not. Nevertheless, anyone sailing on AmaReina should definitely dine at Chef's Table at least once.

We loved the concept of the Aquavit Lounge on Viking Hlin, but could never find a dinner menu posted. This is a much more casual dining option than what is offered on the other three ships. We enjoyed a buffet lunch in Aquavit several times but never had dinner there because we could not find a dinner menu.

Interior Decor (1st Place: Viking Hlin, 2nd Place tie: Tauck MS Inspire & Uniworld SS Catherine, 3rd Place: AmaReina)

While SS Catherine's and MS Inspire's interiors are both elegant and ornate, Viking Hlin is very "Norwegian", which translates into "contemporary". And, while contemporary is not typically our style, it is done so well on the Viking Longship that it propels this class of ship to another level. The interior spaces are bright, spacious and open. More importantly, the entire ship is extremely comfortable. Rich leather furnishings in muted beige tones give the staterooms and public areas a feeling of an upscale, hip, Scandinavian hotel.

Viking River Cruises Viking Longship Hlin

Viking Hlin decor is contemporary and tastefully done

The decor on MS Inspire is more "continental", but stops just short of becoming stuffy. The interior on MS Inpsire benefits greatly from a higher space-to-guest ratio, making this a very roomy and comfortable ship. We never quite understood the direction AmaReina was trying to go with its interior decor. SS Catherine's interior is very "French." The quality of workmanship and materials on SS Catherine are unrivaled. The ship feels more like a 5-star hotel than a river ship.

Public Lounge (1st Place: Viking Hlin, 2nd Place tie: Uniworld SS Catherine & Tauck MS Inspire, 3rd Place: AmaReina)

Glass, glass and more glass! The huge, near-seamless floor-to-ceiling glass panels on Viking Hlin give guests unobstructed views of the river and shoreline. Combined with very comfortable seating and great lighting, the new Viking Longship Hlin has everything you could want in a river cruise ship lounge. Easy access to the Aquavit Terrace for photo taking is also a big plus.

Viking Lounge Viking Hlin

The Viking Lounge is bright, open and spacious with plenty of seating

The lounge on MS Inspire is also extremely comfortable, but the view is somewhat obstructed with posts framing the windows. Access to the bow of the ship for photo taking is very good, however. Also, we like the forward placement of the bar. SS Catherine has the same obstructions for viewing, but the furnishings are top quality and the layout of the lounge may be the best of the group.

The lounge on AmaReina was our least favorite. The furniture layout was clunky, at best. And, the furnishings themselves were "eclectic". I felt like I was in my grandmother's living room! To get to the front of the ship to take photos required weaving in and out of furniture groupings.

Sun Deck (1st Place: Viking Hlin, 2nd Place tie: Tauck MS Inspire and AmaReina, 3rd Place: Uniworld SS Catherine)

Viking River Cruises has wisely done away with the ubiquitous, and seldom-used, "chess set" on the Sun Deck of the Viking Longship Hlin. We can only assume they have done so on other longships as well. Instead, guests can enjoy a more usable mini-golf putting green. Interestingly, there is no pool or hot tub, the absence of which may disappoint some guests, but there is a lot of open deck space, great seating and shaded areas. On our cruise, it was too cold to spend much time on the Sun Deck, but I imagine this is a popular place in warmer weather.

Viking River Cruises Viking Hlin

Mini-golf putting green and herb garden on Viking Hlin Sun Deck

MS Inspire also has a small mini-golf putting green and DOES have a small hot tub. As on Viking Hlin, there are lots of covered areas and seating open to the elements. The hot tub on AmaReina is actually a heated swimming pool, and there is a bar. Even in the cold evenings of December in Europe, we saw brave diehards enjoying a warm soak in the massive (by river ship standards) pool.

Other than the large shuffleboard checkers game, the Sun Deck on SS Catherine is pretty much just open deck space with lots of very nice loungers and chairs. There is a lot of covered space for those seeking shade. Forward of the bridge you will find tables and chairs.

Luxury (1st Place tie: Tauck MS Inspire & Uniworld SS Catherine, 2nd Place tie: Viking Hlin, AmaReina)

It is almost unfair to compare the other two cruise lines to Uniworld and Tauck when it comes to the luxury category. Tauck and Uniworld both offer a true 5-star experience, primarily because of the all-inclusive nature of the product. On both Tauck and Uniworld, all gratuities are included in the cruise fare as are all beverages and cocktails consumed during the trip. Both cruise lines take care of you from the time you arrive at the airport until you are escorted back to the airport for the trip home. Tauck really goes over the top in providing guests with some really unique 'off-the-ship' special events, but Uniworld has the incredibly comfortable and luxurious Savoir® bed and the entire ship just exudes luxury, enhanced by the beautiful Murano glass fixtures. And, suite guests on Uniworld benefit from private butler service, the only butlers we have seen so far on a river cruise ship.

Uniworld offfers butler service to suite guests on SS Catherine

Stateroom (1st Place: Tauck MS Inspire, 2nd Place: Uniworld SS Catherine, 3nd Place: Viking Hlin, 4th Place: AmaReina)

The new Loft Cabin on Tauck's MS Inspire was one of the most unique and comfortable staterooms we have occupied on any ship --river or ocean. In spite of some annoying sounds coming from neighboring cabins, this is still the best stateroom design we have seen so far. The bathroom in the Loft Cabin was large and very well appointed.

Tauck MS Inspire Review

The bathroom on MS Inspire Loft cabin is 5-star elegant

Close on the heels of Tauck's Loft Cabin is the Category 1 stateroom on SS Catherine. The "balcony" is actually a section of the bedroom with a cool electronically-controlled window. For a river ship, this is probably one of the best designs. Tauck's MS Inspire loft cabin also provides you with a great space to watch the scenery while sitting in the elevated loft area and utilizing the electronically-controlled large window. The advantage with this design is, you can sit in your stateroom and look through the large window when the weather is inclement. And then there's the bed on SS Catherine, the most comfortable bed you will find on any ship or hotel or anywhere else for that matter.

The stateroom on Viking Hlin was also very comfortable and had the best television system of the four ships. The Hlin stateroom had lots of electrical outlets, a comfortable bed, nice-sized bathroom and was reasonably quiet.

The stateroom on AmaReina should have scored a win in this category. It had the best use of space of the four ships and even had two balconies! The devil was in the details, however. A lack of electrical outlets, a clunky television system, a squeaky bathroom door mechanism and a window between the bathroom and bedroom (which allows unwanted light to come into the bedroom) were issues that took away from the overall comfort of the stateroom.

Excursions (1st Place: Tauck MS Inspire, 2nd Place: Uniworld SS Catherine , 3rd Place tie: Viking Hlin, AmaReina)

All four ships/cruise lines offer excursions that are included in the cruise fare. The local guides used by the four ships were all excellent and all spoke very good English. All cruise lines also provide audio Vox units to make hearing the local guides much easier. Tauck pulls away from the other cruise lines by providing three Tour Directors in addition to a Cruise Director on all of its river cruises. By partnering with Scylla to handle the cruise ship operations piece of the puzzle, Tauck is able to focus its energy on what it does best: destinations. After all, Tauck has been guiding tours for more than 90 years, and that experience is instantly obvious. Even though Tauck does use local guides on its tours, a Tauck Tour Director is never far away just in case you need a replacement Vox unit, or some other situation arises.

River Cruise Review and Comparison

Motor coaches wrapped in Tauck graphics are new, clean and comfortable

Viking River, Tauck and Uniworld have new, branded motor coaches that are roomy, spotlessly clean and comfortable. AmaWaterways relies on motor coaches provided by the local tour companies. And, while in most cities, these are fine, they are not as consistently nice as the ones Viking River, Tauck and Uniworld offer. Tauck and Viking River also make bottled water available on the gangway to guests as they disembark the ship for tours. Bottled water is complimentary on AmaWaterways, but you have to remember to bring it from your stateroom. Uniworld provides guests with metal water bottles that can be filled with water provided in the stateroom. We were instructed not to bring our audio VOX units on a walking tour of Amsterdam, but as it turned out, it would have been a much better tour if the device had been utilized.

Special Event (1st Place: Tauck MS Inspire, 2nd Place: Viking Hlin)

Tauck includes at least one special event on every river cruise. We benefited from two on our MS Inspire cruise. An amazing luncheon held in a cave was like nothing we had ever experienced, and a 5-star dinner in a WWI museum blew everyone away! These events would have easily cost $100 per person each on any other cruise line, but were included in the Tauck fare.

A concert in Vienna was offered to guests on Viking Hlin for an additional fee, and was very well executed. Even though not included in the cruise fare, the concert was well worth the price charged for the event. We did not take part in any special events on AmaReina, so did not include it in this comparison.

Service (1st Place tie: Uniworld SS Catherine & Tauck MS Inspire, 2nd Place: Viking Hlin, 3rd Place: AmaReina)

The service on all four ships was excellent, and again, the narrowest of margins separate the four. Uniworld SS Catherine reception staff took control of our airline's lost luggage and made sure the bags were delivered the following day. The Cruise Manager also showed a lot of skill in arranging last minute special luncheons and excursions when our ship was hindered by high river levels. On Tauck's (Skylla) MS Inspire, a call to the front desk to ask if they had any cufflinks for sale in the gift shop (I had left mine at home) resulted in a knock on the door from Corina, the Assistant Hotel Manager with a set of loaner cuff links in hand. Also, when we mentioned to the front desk about a small leak under our sink in the bathroom, it was repaired within an hour!

River Cruise Review

Hamdi, bartender on MS Inspire serves drinks with a smile

Viking Hlin service was also notable. We found the Reception staff to be extremely helpful and pleasant. On AmaReina, when Rickee could not get her international phone to work, the cruise director was kind enough to call British Airways for us to confirm our flight arrangements.

Best Ship (1st Place: Viking Hlin, 2nd Place tie: Uniworld SS Catherine & Tauck MS Inspire, 3rd Place: AmaReina)

Our favorite ship, from a purely hardware standpoint, would have to be the new Viking Longship. Viking River Cruises has really hit this one out of the park in terms of form and function. A close second would be Tauck's MS Inspire and Uniworld's SS Catherine, both offering a classy and upscale atmosphere combined with a higher space-to-guest ratio than Viking.


The good news is that no matter which of the four cruise lines you choose, you are going to have an excellent experience. There is no bad choice among them. Remember, as cruise journalists, it is our job to be extremely nit-picky. Most of the "misses" that we mention would never even be noticed by most travelers.

Viking River Cruises is certainly the most improved product of the three. This was our fourth Viking River Cruise in Europe since 2003, and the cruise line just seems to get better with each one. The new Viking Longship design is a big winner in our opinion. Even though the Viking ships are larger and hold more guests than either of the other two lines, the Longship is so well designed that it never felt overcrowded.

Chris Dikmen and Rickee Richardson
Rickee Richardson and Chris Dikmen, CruiseReport editors

This was our third Tauck river cruise and each one has been excellent. This is as close as you can get to 5-star luxury on a river cruise, based on our experience. Tauck is also a surprisingly good value. When comparing prices, remember that on a 7-night cruise you could easily spend an additional $300 to $500 (for two people) in gratuities and cocktails, items which are included in your Tauck fare. In the spirit of full-disclosure, Tauck is also a sponsor of CruiseReport and has been a staunch supporter of our website.

Our Christmas Markets cruise aboard AmaReina was our first on AmaWaterways. We immediately noticed that this line has a fiercely loyal following. Many guests we spoke with had been on multiple AmaWaterways' cruises and had future cruises booked on the line. They are obviously doing something right. And, we loved the dual balconies in the stateroom which are perfect for photo/video taking.

Our May 2015 sailing aboard SS Catherine was our first with Uniworld and we were extremely impressed. Uniworld is also an "all-inclusive" product offering the additional value of included gratuities, soft drinks, and cocktails.

And, before someone asks the obvious question, "What about the other river cruise lines?", we have reached out to Avalon Waterways, Emerald Waterways, Scenic Cruises and Grand Circle. We are hopeful that we will soon be able to review these products and include them in an updated comparison.

For now, we can highly recommend any of the four river cruise lines talked about here. The only decision you really need to make is which one is best for you?

You can read our in-depth reviews of each ship using the links below:

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Originally posted on: 4/15/2015

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@Mike, it is common for journalists to be invited as guests on board cruise ships. Not being a "revenue" passenger has no bearing on our review. It sounds like you have your own impressions of AMAReina and we invite you to take the time to share your thoughts by submitting your own review.
Sunday, June 14, 2015 12:00 AM  
Another biased review based on your free cruise! You missed the best shower AMA Reina. I would rate the food a 7 out of 10. Too bad you failed to mention how far out the ships have to dock from town and how long the bus or walks are from the towns. I wonder if you reviews would have been if you were a revenue passenger? Your reviews would be a little more unbiased! Comment welcomed.
Sunday, June 14, 2015 12:00 AM  
@Pat. Good point. There is a reason why we don't mention price comparisons. Prices can vary dramatically from one sailing to the next. Also, each cruise line has different pricing policies for early bookings, last-minute sailings, single supplement, etc. We could compare the prices charged for each of the cruise WE sailed on, but it would provide little value and have no impact on a price you might expect to pay.
Sunday, April 19, 2015 12:00 AM  
The only thing you didn't mention was the price comparison. It would have been helpful to know the difference in price between the three cruise lines.
Sunday, April 19, 2015 12:00 AM  
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