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Luggage Forward Delivery Service
Monday, July 2, 2018  


On our 2016 European River Cruise assignment, we were scheduled to be in Europe for three weeks covering two different cruise lines. Once again, we decided to have one of our pieces of luggage shipped to our hotel in Basel, Switzerland (Swissôtel Le Plaza). We also wanted two pieces of luggage shipped home at the conclusion of the cruise. I was able to book the shipping service through the Luggage Forward website (, which is very straightforward and easy to use. When our plans changed, I emailed Luggage Forward support and within an hour, they had made the change on their end. We have always had excellent follow-up and service from Luggage Forward.

A few days after making the booking online, we received our Luggage Forward shipping labels and instructions, which are very well organized. About ten days from our departure date, the shipping company showed up to pick up my large blue duffel bag and ship it to our hotel in Switzerland. A few days later, I received an email from Luggage Forward informing me that my luggage had been delivered to Swissôtel in Basel.

Status update email from Luggage Forward

A few days later, we arrived in Basel and after checking into our hotel, we found that my blue duffel had already delivered to our room!

Duffel bag deliverd to our hotel room in Basel, Switzerland

At the end of our three-week cruise assignment, it was time to put the Luggage Forward labels on both of our bags for return shipping to the USA. Luggage Forward is used to dealing with cruise ships and hotels, so all that was required was for us to leave our luggage with the ship's concierge before we disembarked. Later that same day, I received another email from Luggage Forward informing me that our bags had been picked up for shipment back to the USA.

Our bags are labeled for the return trip to the USA

Luggage Forward informed us that we could expect our luggage to be shipped back to our home in Texas no later than June 6. Imagine our delight when the luggage was delivered to our door on May 30, only 3 days after we arrived back home. They were even delivered on Memorial Day!

Both pieces of luggage, back home

Once again, we are amazed at how efficiently Luggage Forward picks up, ships and delivers our luggage. Our luggage was returned to us in the same condition as when we last saw it. We continue to be impressed with the service this company provides, and that is why Luggage Forward was selected to receive our Editor's Choice award for 2015.

Once again, we avoided the hassle of dealing with checked luggage on the airlines, having to wait for our luggage at baggage claim after an all-night flight, and dealing with Customs at the airport. Shipping your luggage directly to your hotel or cruise ship is the only way to travel in style.

This is a great company with a great track record and we can highly recommend their services. Check their website at


Editors' Choice Award for Travel TechWe just returned from a 10-day Hawaiian cruise with Un-Cruise Adventures. Rather than hassle with checked luggage on our return flight from Kona, Hawaii to Dallas-Fort Worth, we decided to have our two large duffel bags shipped home using Luggage Forward. We were so impressed with the service we received last year in New Zealand, that we were confident our luggage would arrive back home on time and safe. When we booked the pick-up on their website, we indicated that we would be leaving the bags with the concierge at the Four Seasons Haulalai in Kona, Hawaii. A few days before we departed for Hawaii, our Luggage Forward labels arrived with complete instructions.

Labels attached and ready to ship

As you can see in the photo above, we attached the Luggage Forward labels to our two bags then dropped them off with the hotel concierge. We were able to fly home without the hassle and added cost of checking bags with the airlines. We also did not have to wait for 30 minutes at baggage claim when we arrived at 6:00 am after an all-night flight. Much more convenience! Best of all, in just two days, our bags arrived at our home, a day ahead of schedule!

Our bags arrived at home a day ahead of schedule

Once again, Luggage Forward came through for us. This is a great service for anyone on any cruise, and especially Un-Cruise Adventures. If you want to pack up your snorkel gear, SCUBA, hiking boots and gear, or whatever, you can easily have your stuff shipped directly to the cruise ship with Un-Cruise. Your gear will be waiting for you in your stateroom when you board the ship! Once again, Luggage Forward made believers out of us!


A three-week-long trip to New Zealand was the perfect opportunity to have our two large duffel bags shipped directly to our cruise ship. This was not the first time we have used a luggage shipping service. And quite frankly, we have had mixed results in the past. The main reason we selected Luggage Forward for this trip was because of a good experience we had the last time we used their service. We can honestly say from experience , the company you choose can make a big difference.

Easy to follow instructions and pre-printed labels from Luggage Forward

You may be wondering why we chose to ship our bags to New Zealand instead of just checking them with the airline. First, this trip involves three different connecting flights on two different airlines. That translates into at least three opportunities for the airlines to lose our luggage. Since we are embarking on a cruise to the subantarctic islands, there would be no way for delayed luggage to get to our cruise ship. Second, since we are flying internationally, we would have to claim our checked luggage in Auckland, go through Customs, then re-check the luggage on to Dunedin (our final destination). That is a hassle and time consuming. And third, the airlines have strict weight restrictions on checked luggage.

I was able to schedule our luggage delivery entirely through the Luggage Forward website (, which was quite easy to navigate and understand. A few days after booking online, I received a package from Luggage Forward with detailed information and pre-printed shipping labels. This was quite an upgraded process from the previous time we used Luggage Forward. They have really streamlined the process of shipping luggage. There was a separate envelope with all the paperwork required for each leg of the trip and the envelopes were clearly marked. It could not have been easier.

Our two large bags are wrapped in plastic with Luggage Forward labels attached

In our case, our luggage was schedule to be picked up from our home 10 days before our flight to New Zealand. We chose to wrap our luggage in plastic wrap just to protect the canvas luggage, but it probably was not necessary. We attached the large shipping labels using plastic cable ties in addition to the adhesive backing on the labels. The Federal Express driver showed up right on time, scanned our luggage, and off they went.

We arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand, the day before our cruise. After nearly 24 hours of flying from Dallas to Dunedin, it was nice to walk off the plane and not have to wait for our luggage at baggage claim. When we arrived at our hotel, I checked my email and had a message from Luggage Forward confirming that our luggage had been delivered to the ship as promised. When we boarded Silver Discoverer the following day, our luggage was sitting on the bed when we arrived at our suite. Now THAT is the way to start a Silversea cruise!

Our luggage was waiting for us in our suite when we arrived on board

At the end of our cruise in Wellington, New Zealand, we had scheduled to have Luggage Forward ship one of our duffel bags back to the USA. We planned to keep one with us for five days of post-cruise travel through New Zealand. After disembarking Silver Discoverer, we located the port agent who was tasked with making sure our duffel was picked up by the local DHL shipping agent. The following day, we received an email from Luggage Forward confirming that our duffel was picked up by DHL and was on its way back to the USA.

Our bag awaiting pickup at the Wellington cruise terminal (no plastic wrap)

A few days before we departed New Zealand for home, we received another email from Luggage Forward indicating that they had attempted to deliver our luggage to our house, but nobody was there to sign for it. I fired off an email to let them know we would not be home for two more days and asked if they could schedule delivery on a specific day. Within an hour I received and email back from Luggage Forward confirming that they had re-scheduled delivery of our luggage.

Our luggage arrived the next day after we arrived home, as promised. In our opinion, Luggage Forward delivered on their promise of a hassle-free luggage shipping service. Their website is top-notch, emails are answered quickly and calls to their toll-free number are answered by real people. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to have your luggage shipped directly to your cruise ship, we highly recommend Luggage Forward!

Shipping luggage to New Zealand and back to the USA is not cheap. However, if we were to ship the same duffel to a cruise ship in the USA, the cost is only around $179. Obviously, the destination has a dramatic impact on the cost, as well as the size and weight of the luggage. However, for the convenience and security of knowing we would not be on a two week cruise with no clothes, it was well worth it.

For more information, check out their website at

Originally posted on: 2/26/2015

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