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Zip Line in La Romana
Sunday, June 9, 2019  
During a recent visit to La Romana, Rickee and I had the opportunity to check out one of the local tour operators. We were interested in a zip line tour and after some Internet research we found that Runners Adventures had some excellent reviews. We were met by Enrique and our driver, Wilburt. The open-air truck provides protection from the sun and rain, if there is any, yet allows for great picture taking and fresh air as you travel to the zip line camp in the lush mountains of Anamuya. Depending on where you start your adventure, the drive to the zip line camp can take up to two hours.

Enrique and Wilburt meet us for our zip line tour

Along the way, Enrique explained various points of interest. Bottled water was offered to guests as we enjoyed the scenery on the road into the mountains. When we arrived at the zip line camp, the beauty of the location is overwhelming. This is definitely one of the most picturesque zip line destinations we have visited.

The view from the zip line base camp

The zip line adventure begins with a safety briefing conducted by one of the many guides. And, in case you are wondering, all of the guides speak excellent English. A great deal of time is spent on safety procedures, so it is obvious that Runners Adventures places a great deal of importance on safety. Next, the guides assist guests in putting on the safety harnesses, helmets, and other gear. We were given a demonstration of the proper hand placement on the zip line cable, how to hold our legs, and how to brake (slow down) as we approached a zip line platform. Cameras are allowed, but you have to strap them to your helmet and keep them inside your shirt when on the zip line to prevent them from swinging and smacking you in the head. Belts, caps, and backpacks must be left at the base camp and can be retrieved at the end of the course.

A guide explains the course

Before long, we were hiking toward the first zip line platform. Some of the platforms require walking up a few flights of stairs, so you need to be in relatively good physical condition to complete this course. You also need to wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers.

The course consists of 16 platforms and 12 cables. The first three were "starter" cables that allow participants to get used to the zip line experience. They are shorter and slower and great for beginners to get a feel for what is to come. After cable three, things get really exciting. This zip line course is the most intense we have ever experienced, and, intense is good! There are some super long cables one of which is 800 meters long! Two of the cables cross a river and offer spectacular views as you fly above the jungle and river below.

Rickee comes in for a landing at one of the platforms

The guides are available on every platform to "catch" you as you come in for a landing. They will signal if you need to brake, or speed up. Rickee came in too slow a couple of times and the guide had to walk out and bring her in. Guides also get you "hooked up" for the next zip line and make sure your hands, head, and elbow are in the correct position before sending you on your way. They do a great job of making sure everybody has a fun, but safe, experience.

At the end of the zip line adventure cold drinks and fresh fruit are offered. There is also a small gift shop with souvenirs. Participants also have the opportunity to purchase a photo ($10) taken by a guide as you fly toward one of the platforms on the course.

Sample photo from Runners zip line adventure

We have done at least six different zip line tours over the past seven years and we think it is one of the best experiences you can have. The zip line from Runners Adventures is our favorite one to date. If you find yourself in La Romana or Casa de Campo, don't hesitate to take this tour. Runners also offers some other very interesting local tours that you can check out on their website:

Originally posted on: 9/10/2014

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