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OceanScapes Spa - Grand Turk
Tuesday, March 15, 2016  
Many cruise lines now visit Grand Turk on their southern Caribbean routes. It is a beautiful island with many activities. And, the cruise lines are more than willing to sell you one of their overpriced shore excursions. However, if you went on a cruise for relaxation, why not spend your day in Grand Turk on the public beach? With the money you will save, you can indulge yourself with a relaxing massage at OceanScapes Spa's beach location. OceanScapes is owned by LaToya Jones, a local who retired from the real estate market in 2007 after the economic collapse. LaToya moved in a completely different direction by becoming trained in massage therapy. After working for a local spa for a few years, she decided in 2011 to start her own business, and OceanScapes was born.

Latoya Jones' massage hut on the public beach at Grand Turk

Many cruise guests avoid getting a massage on the ship because of the outrageous prices charged in the ship's spa. I checked the prices at the onboard spa before visiting OceanScapes and found a 50-minute massage was $119! Compare that to $80 for a full hour massage at LaToya's beach facility. That's a 33% savings! And, in case you have never experienced the spa on a cruise ship, prepare for the hardest sales pitch of your life at the end of the massage when the therapist tries to load you up with $100 worth of massage oils, lotions and creams.

OceanScapes' Massage Pricing

After disembarking my ship in Grand Turk, I walked through the pier's main entrance, through the gauntlet of duty-free shops. To get to OceanScape's beach hut, make a left turn and get back on the walking beach. You can walk along the beach, past the FlowRider until you come to Captain Hook's Grill. Once you find Captain Hook's, you are there. LaToya's massage hut is right next door. If you come to the Wooden Casino, you have gone too far.

Signs along the beach for Captain Hook's Grill

I had arranged a 45-minute massage with LaToya through her website at weeks before our cruise. And, since your cruise ship will likely have several hundred or several thousand people on board, LaToya highly recommends booking your massage in advance through her website. OceanScapes beach location only has two massage tables, and with a 5-star TripAdvisor rating, those tables can fill up quickly. So, plan ahead and pre-book online.

There are two massage tables at the beach location

Before my treatment, I mentioned to LaToya that I had been suffering from frozen shoulder and that it was quite painful. I asked her to focus on my neck, back and shoulders, which she did. I have had many therapeutic massage treatments over the years, but none better than the one at OceanScapes. As LaToya was working on my muscles, the gentle ocean breeze and the sound of waves washing up on the nearby sandy beach were massaging my soul. You can get a massage on a cruise ship, but this experience cannot be duplicated at any price.

You can waste your money in the cruise ship spa if you want, but for me, I would much rather support a local business when I travel. I can highly recommend OceanScapes Spa in Grand Turk.

You can reach OceanScapes through their website at or email them at

Twitter @OceanscapesSpa

Originally posted on: 9/9/2014
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