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Hop-On/Hop-Off Stockholm
Saturday, April 2, 2016  
Stockholm is one of Europe's great tourist destinations. The city is perfectly suited for exploring on foot, however, its attractions are very spread out. This makes Stockholm the perfect city for a Hop-On/Hop-Off (HoHo) bus tour. We arranged our tickets online before our cruise (, but tickets are also available from most travel agencies, tourist information offices, from your hotel concierge, or, you can purchase your ticket on the bus from the driver. At various locations around Stockholm, you will see the Red Sightseeing banners and employees in red shirts ready to assist with tickets and bus schedule information.

Red Sightseeing banner

The Red Sightseeing buses are impossible to miss. The big double-decker buses depart from the 21 different stops around Stockholm every 20 minutes. So, you never have to wait very long before another bus comes along. A 24-hour bus pass is 260 SEK (about $37 US). A combination bus + boat pass is 380 Krona (about $54.50). Children 12 and under are free. The bus+boat is the best value, and if we had been in Stockholm overnight, that is the pass we would have purchased.

Red Sightseeing double-deck sightseeing buses

When you board one of the buses, complimentary ear buds are available for use with the on-board audio system that delivers a guided audio tour in 10 languages. The audio commentary explains what sights are coming up so you don't miss anything. Route maps show all of the stops along the bus route so you can plan where you want to "hop off". The weather was perfect the day we were in Stockholm, so we wasted no time finding seats on the upper deck. This is the best place for sightseeing and photo taking. These buses are also equipped with FREE Wi-Fi, so you can upload your travel photos to Instagram as you ride around Stockholm!

The upper deck of Red Sightseeing bus

The Red Sightseeing bus makes stops at or near virtually all of Stockholm's most popular attractions including Old Town, Central Station, Slussen, Royal Palace, The Vasa Museum, City Hall and many more. Check their website for details on the route map. Our favorite stop was at the Nordic Museum, just steps from the famous Vasa Musum.

Nordic Museum

The Vasa Museum is the most popular museum in Scandinavia and houses the 17th century ship "Vasa" that sank in the Stockholm harbor shortly after being launched. It is an amazing story and and amazing exhibit, a must see when in Stockholm. After spending about two hours at Vasa Museum, we only had to wait a few minutes for another Red Sightseeing bus to come along, which we joined, for the ride back to where we would meet up with our cruise ship shuttle. For cruise ships that dock in Stockholm, it is even easier since Red Sightseeing makes a stop at the cruise terminal.

Stockholm is a great city for photo taking

For cruise passengers visiting Stockholm, there is no better value than the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus. Not only is it cheaper than a cruise ship excursion, you can tour at your own pace. We love it!

For more information, go to

Originally posted on: 8/28/2014

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