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Hop-On/Hop-Off - Gothenburg
Friday, July 29, 2016  
We recently visited Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of our Royal Princess Baltic cruise. The ship's massive size forced it to have to dock at a commercial port roughly 30 minutes from Gothenburg. With an all-aboard time of 3:30pm, that did not leave much time to explore this interesting city. With so little free time, we decided to take advantage of Open Top Tours' Hop-On/Hop-Off (HoHo) bus tour. To our pleasant surprise, the big, bright green, double-decker bus was parked just steps from where the ship's shuttle bus dropped us, at Stora Teatern.

Open Top Tours' HoHo Bus at Stora Teatern

Open Top Tours offers both bus and boat tours of Gothenburg. A 24-hour bus pass is 300 Swedish Krona, about $26.50 US. This is a bargain compared to a cruise line city tour. Children ages 6-11 pay about half price and under 6 are free. A family ticket (2 adult + 2 children) is only 455 Krona ($65.50 US). If your cruise ship allows you enough time in Gothenburg, Open Top Tours also offers a bus + boat tour ticket for 300 Krona, about $43 US. Unfortunately, since the last shuttle back to the ship departed at 12:30pm, we only had enough time here to experience one full route of the bus which included seven stops at various points of interest.

Historic statues are commonplace in Gothenburg

When we boarded the bus, we were given a brand new set of ear plugs and a city map showing the route and the places the bus would stop along the way. The audio system on the bus offered a guided tour in seven languages, and worked well. It was a beautiful day, so we went up to the top deck of the bus. Unfortunately, there was netting stretched over the top of the bus, obviously for safety reasons, most likely to prevent guests from standing up and getting clipped by the city's electric tram wires that run across many of the intersections. This netting makes getting a good picture very difficult. So, to get a good picture, plan on "hopping off" at the various stops. The buses also offer FREE Wi-Fi, allowing you to access the Internet from your laptop or iPad as you ride from one stop to the next or post Instagram photos of your journey!

Mesh over the top of the buses

The first stop on the route was at Feskekörka, Gothenburg's fish market. This is probably the best place to get off and enjoy lunch at one of the many local restaurants. You will also be within walking distance of the famous Haga district (Old Town). Another interesting stop was Stop 6 which is close to "Nordstan", the largest shopping center in Scandinavia.

Great photo ops in Gothenburg

If you hop off a bus to do some exploring, another bus will be along every 20 minutes to take you to your next point of interest. And, when walking around town, just look for the bright green signs to find a bus stop. The bright green is hard to miss!

Your best bet is to purchase your tickets in advance through website as we did.

We can highly recommend the HoHo in Gothenburg for cruise passengers. It is an affordable and convenient way to learn about this picturesque city and explore it at your own pace.

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